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6.19.13 Kevin Johnson, The Simple Living EarthStar Primal Habitat

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Kevin Johnson FBComedian and actor Lilly Tomlin once joked, “The only trouble with running in the Rat Race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat!” Most westerners are familiar with the Rat Race because we’ve been IN the Rat Race to one degree or another and have also wanted to get OUT of the Rat Race from time-to-time.

But depending on your lifestyle and obligations, getting out can seem like the impossible dream. Many of us have also engaged in the question, “What is the point of all this and what’s my life about?”

Kevin and Donna Johnson have been there, done that. But they went beyond just the questioning of, “what is the point of running the rat race?” They chose to step off the hamster wheel and create a different life. Kevin and Donna’s objective was to lighten their footprint, build a lifestyle of voluntary simplicity with all the basic comforts, spend very little money, enjoy a biogenic diet, and a simple shelter.

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6.18.13 Ken Roseboro, editor/publisher of “The Organic & Non-GMO Report”, The Great GMO Experiment is On Us!!

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Ken RoseboroThere is a very big experiment going on today and most of us are unknowing participants. The experiment is not “official” and hence does not have a name, but it is here, none the less. The “experiment” is the introduction and heavy use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in our food system.

In the beginning, GMOs were sold as science’s answer to the problem of pest control and a way of increasing crop yields. It sounded great and since we love anything wrapped up in “technology,” few paid attention to GMOs as they developed. But along the way, there were ominous signs of trouble.

Cross pollination with non-GMO crops was one of the first seroius concerns. Then there was the seeds issue. Traditionally, farmers save seeds for the following year’s planting. But the seeds inside of the GMO plants are sterile, so farmers now have to buy increasingly more expensive seeds every year. Now it is looking like the nicotine type chemicals that are engineered into the GMOs to “control pests” are at the heart of the bee colony collapse. Remember, bees pollinate plants. No bees equals serious pollination problems. The nicotine that’s engineered into the GMOs not only kills the bad bugs, it’s killing the good bugs, the bees, that are so essential.

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6.11.13 A Summer Garden Conversation with Jeannie Francis, Master Gardener & Herbalist

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jeannie francisThe official beginning of Summer is close at hand. For most, Summer means vacations and the children are off from school. For many, it’s time for gardening.

This program, Master Gardener, Jeannie Francis talks with us about her organic, natural techniques for flower and vegetable gardening.

Gardening has many benefits besides the pretty flowers and delicious veggies. It can be a form of meditation, making it good for the soul and it’s excellent for children, as it instills in then a connection with the Earth and how things grow. It teaches nurturing, patience, and problem solving.

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6.3.13 Holistic Psychotherapist Holly Myers-Emotional Release with Essential Oils.

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Holly Myers fbThis program we chat with Holistic Psychotherapist Holly Myers and discuss her natural, whole body approach to emotional healing. Holly is a caring, giving professional.

As a Holistic Psychotherapist, Holly counsels her clients to be whole in mind body, spirit and emotions through the natural techniques and holistic approaches that have worked well for her own growth and healing. Part of her  protocols include mother nature's gift of essential oils.

Many of our listeners here at FarOutRadio are interested in more than just the standard way of living life that our traditional culture teaches us to stive for. And that is why we offer talented guests like Holly who have stepped outside of the box to learn about unique, natural approaches to healing.

I have known Holly Myers since the early nineties and have always held her as a shining example of someone who is open, who willingly shares what she has learned with others. She practices what she teaches and today she is here to share with us who she is and today, specifically, how she employs essential oils to help people emotionally release what holds them back from expessing themselves to the fullest in this experience we call life.

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5.30.13 Kristen Morelli, Founder of Perfect Supplements talks Organic Superfoods

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Perfect SupplementsOur guest is Kristen Morelli, someone who believes in the organic, green commitment to living on this planet. She believes in eating right and feeding her loved ones the best, healthiest meals she can. But she is a realist and knows the  nutrient deficiencies in many of the commonly available foods and so believes in the value of organic wholefood superfood supplements to provide optimum nutrition.

Kristen Morelli has very high standards and so decided to start her own superfood company.

Perfect Supplements is her family owned and operated company located in a rural town in New England. Kristen, her husband Paul and their dedicated employees are committed to the perfect health of body, mind and soul for their customers, employees and suppliers. They are passionate about protecting the environment and believe that reducing, re-using and recycling is key to keeping our planet healthy. It is their goal to provide sustainably-harvested and organic ingredients in all of their products and they proudly support  environmental protection with their actions.

In this program, Kristen shares how her company was started, the many benefits of organic superfood and the direction her very green business is taking here in the United States.

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