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5.28.13 7-8pm Buck Adam’s Veterans To (Organic) Farmers Project

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Buck Adams-organic farmerFar Out radio interviews Marine Corps Vet, Buck Adams about his project to provide organic farming training for young veterans.

It is no secret that our returning vets are not being treated well. We are now losing more vets to suicide than we are in combat. The unemployment rate for vets is three times that of the general population. College tuition funds for vets is being cut and the dropout rate for vets that do go to collect is very high, as they are not used to the collegiate system of learning. This can not be tolerated.

Many vets are having a very hard time fitting back into society. After years of high stress and  very regimented living, “coming home” has unforeseen problems and challenges. Buck Adams has a constructive approach to help. Having grown up on a ranch and a chicken farm, Buck Adams already had a connection to farming. During Buck’s post-military years, he became interested in sustainability, hydroponics farming, and helping friends start businesses.

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5.28.13 6-7pm Robert Tindall on Challenges Facing Amazon Rainforest

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tindal rainforestRobert Tindall is the author of the book, “Shamanic Odyssey.” Robert is a professor of English, a classical guitarist, a world traveler, and a researcher of the shamanic experience. Raised in the San Francisco Bay area, Robert has lived deep in the Amazon and currently resides in Cusco, Peru.

Having the experience of living in three very different cultures, (Western American, urban Cusco, Peru, and deep in the rainforest) Robert has a unique perspective on the challenges facing the Amazon Rainforest.

We discuss these challenges and what can be done to stop the destruction of what has been called, “the lungs of the planet.”

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5.13.13 Liz Severino on the Natural Use of Essential Oils for First-Aid and more..

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Liz on Essential OilsOur Friend and FarOutRadio Regular Guest, Liz Severino is a gifted holistic practitioner who specializes in Compassionate Healing, Animal Communication, Guided Insight, and Extraordinary Wellness Protocols For Pets and People!

This program we discuss ways of using essential oils for first-aid. Liz enjoys helping people use these wonderful oils and shares her tips and protocols from her popular  First-Aid Using Essential Oils class.

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5.09.13 Hannah Crum, Natural Food Activist, Are GMOs okay, or are they FRANKENFOOD?

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Hannah Crum on GMOsOur guest tonight is author and educator, Hannah Crum, aka, “The Kombucha Momma.” Kombucha is an ancient health drink from the Far East and Northern Russia. Simply explained, it is fermented sweet tea. This wonderful beverage is easy to make, can be flavored in almost endless ways, and is loaded with probiotics. You can get your healthy probiotics and a tasty drink, in one glass.

Because of the health benefits of Kombucha, many that promote this health drink like Hannah are interested in other aspects of health. Hannah shares with us  that today there is no bigger threat to our overall health and well being than the grand experiment that is being thrust upon us WITHOUT OUR CONSENT, and that  threat is the existence of Genitically Modified Organisms.

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5.02.2013 Eric Spinner, Health Food Store Owner & Nutritionist on Clean Air and Water

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Eric Spinner Fresh AirOur guest is Eric Spinner, certified nutritionist, shiatsu practitioner and owner of Health Haven II Health Food store in beautiful Medford, New Jersey.

The topic of health and wellness is filled with conversations that usually focus on supplements, herbs, organic foods, vitamins, minerals, etc. But there are two essential aspects of health and vitality that are often overlooked. CLEAN AIR and CLEAN WATER.

Most of us are walking around in a state of dehydration and we don’t even know it. Proper hydration is essential for the removal of toxins, efficient digestion, and overall function. It is the easiest of all detoxing techniques and the most overlooked.

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