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4.22.2013 An Earth Day Conversation with Master Gardener and Herbologist, Jeannie Francis

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Jeannie-FrancisOur guest is Holistic Practitioner – Master Herbalist, Reflexology Therapist, Reiki Master and Master Gardener, Jeannie Francis. Since we are celebrating Earth day week  we talk about Jeannie's wonderful family history of  farming the land here in America since the 1700's and how that has influenced her to be a holistic practitioner that emphasizes our relationship with mother earth and abundant health.

Today with all the controversies about harmful pesticides and artificially produced GMO crops, it is important to know the basics of what to look for when wanting to buy healthy food for your family. Jeannie helps us with that and talks with us on growing your own food, being connected to the goodness availlble from the earth and her perspective on earth day, and green, natural living.

And we talk about her knowledge when it comes to healthy habits for people and the planet when it comes to growing, canning, teaching a more natural approach.

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4.16.2013 Joel Garbon on the Potential of Alternative Energy for Change, author of “Breakthrough Power”

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Joel-GarbonJoel Garbon is our guest for this program. “Breakthrough Power,” co-written with Jeane Manning, is a review of game-changing, emerging technologies with the potential of solving our modern world’s, seemingly endless appetite for energy. The challenge is how do we achieve this goal without creating larger problems.

A scientist, industrial consultant, acclaimed speaker and president of the New Energy Movement, Joel Garbon is a champion for  energy change. Jeane Manning authored The Coming Energy Revolution: The Search for Free Energy” and co-authored other books. “Breakthrough Power” is a snapshot of the different kinds of technologies to which inventors are committing their minds and energies. Every problem has a solution. Quietly, and persistently, smart, inventive people are working round the clock! We WILL solve this!

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4.11.2013 Debra Lynn Dadd, Author of Toxic Free – Discusses her Prescription for Healthy, Green Living


How to Protect Your Health and Home from the Chemicals That Are Making You Sick

 by Scott Teeters


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Debra-Lynn-DaddDebra Lynn Dadd is our guest for this program discussing her favoite topic, her Prescription For Toxic Free Living. She’s the author of seven books on household toxins that are as common as window cleaners, but are seriously BAD FOR YA! Her book is  Toxic Free: How to Protect Your Health and Home from the Chemicals That Are Making You Sick.  Debra has been a consumer advocate for over 30 years with a passion for teaching people how to get the toxins out of your house and your life! She is into green living and so are we here at

The New York Times calls Debra “The Queen of Green!” We talk about the many simple things we can all do to reduce and, or eliminate our exposure to toxic chemicals in the place that should be our safe haven – our home.

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1.17.2013 Far Out Radio Guest: Author and Artist Jill Henderson

Life In The Ozarks with Jill Henderson

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Jill-Henderson-FB-72Our guest is author Jill Henderson. Jill’s husband Dean was on the program recently  talking about his new book, “Stickin' It To The Matrix.” Dean and Jill are both very thoughtful people and they’re both writers.

Jill has authored three books and will  present an overview of her body of published work. Jill’s book titles include, “The Healing Power of Kitchen Herbs,” “The Garden Seed Saving Guide,” and “A Journey of Seasons.” Jill’s books are available on Amazon in print and Kindle form, as well as on the Henderson’s own websites listed  below.

Through hard work, bartering, odd jobs, and a willingness to fix up and sell houses, and move a lot, Jill and Dean have created an unusual modern life – they are free Americans. Both Jill and Dean are world travelers and Jill is also an artist and specializes in pet portraits and animal art. You can see samples of her sweet artwork HERE.

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