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Mystery of the Great American Stonehenge with Dennis Stone

Dennis Stone, owner of America's Stonehenge in New Hampshire talks with Scott Teeters on Far Out Radio.

If you have an interest in ancient mysteries, you no doubt have heard of the famous Stonehenge in England. Stonehenge is especially mysterious because it’s out in the open, the stones are huge, with big stones atop of other big stones that are buried in the earth. And they are specifically placed so that on the equinoxes, the sun rises in specific places within the circular arrangement. No one completely understands the purpose of Stonehenge, who built it, or how old it is.

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Ethan Indigo Smith – Staying Ahead of the New World Order (Video)

As complex as The New World Order is, there is a powerful tool that can be used to transmute the dark forces. It's called, The Human Spirit.


Dateline: 8.27.15- By using the powerful force of the Human Spirit which we experience as "Love" combined with the technology gift of the Internet, we can shut down The New World Order. Ethan Indigo Smith is back with us. It’s been a couple of years since we’ve had Ethan on and he’s been a busy guy.

We cover a range of topics, including – spiritual awakening, the trend towards the legalization of marijuana, the power of meditation, Fukashima, the business of war, the control of the planet by oligarchs, the Tibetan Rites or Rejuvenation, and more. The power of stillness should never be underestimated. "Meditation" in all of its wonderful styles, teaches us through experience to STAY IN THE MOMENT. It is where EVERYTHING happens. Always has, always will.

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The Secret Destiny of America – Gloria Amendola

Has America's true destiny been occulted?

Gloria Amendola is back with us this evening. Gloria was with us a month ago and we talked about her “Mary Magdalene: Revelations from a First Century Avatar” Book series. It was a fascinating conversation and if you missed it, you can catch up by going to Far Out Radio.com and look on the right side for the bright-colored “Far Out Radio, On YouTube” graphic, click through, and look on the left side for the Playlist tab, click and look for Gloria Amendola’s name, click, listen, and enjoy.

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Jim Marrs – Population Control: How Corporate Owners are Killing Us

We have a very special guest for you for this program. Author, conspiracy researcher, and lecturer Jim Marrs is with us. He has a new book that just came out about two months ago titled, “Population Control – How Corporate Owners Are Killing Us.” The book is available at Amazon.com in print and in Kindle formats. Understanding “how the world works” is an enormous undertaking. Jim Marrs has 13 books to his credit and there are literally hundreds of hours of audio and video recordings of conversations with Jim Marrs available in YouTube.

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The Life & Times of P.T. Barnum with Barnum Museum Executive Director, Kathleen Maher 8.10.15

A conversation about a brilliant and all but forgotten GREAT American.

We have a new guest for you this evening to talk about a great American from the past that doesn’t get a lot of attention these days, but we’re doing something about that. Kathleen Maher is the Executive Director of The Barnum Museum, in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Yes, BARNUM, As in Phineas Taylor Barnum, or as most of us know as, P.T. Barnum.

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