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Autism Rates Increase to 1 in 50 Among US School Age Children


Dylan Charles for Waking Times. New figures for autism prevalence amongst school-age children (2-17 years) in the United States were recently published in a report by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

According to this new estimate, rates of autism amongst the nation’s school children have climbed to 1 in 50, up from an estimated 1 in 88 for 2012, an increase partly represented by a broadening of the definition of autism, as well as increase in the ability to detect it.

“More people than ever before are being diagnosed with an ASD. It is unclear how much of this increase is due to a broader definition of ASDs and better efforts in diagnosis. However, a true increase in the number of people with an ASD cannot be ruled out. We believe the increase in ASD diagnosis is likely due to a combination of these factors.” [CDC]

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Far Out On YouTube – Dean Henderson, author of Stickin’ It to the Matrix

Dean Henderson, author and commentator discusses his book Stickin' It to the Matrix
– the how and why he got out of the Rat Race and Just Keeps it Simple and Natural.


created by Far Out Radio producer, Karen Teeters

Henderson HouseScott Teeters, host of Far Out Radio, interviews fascinating author, Dean Henderson who discusses his recent book and how he got out of the matrix.

The two discuss Dean and Jill Henderson's down to earth values that enables them to sustain a happy rewarding life on very little-lots of  guts and creativity! This is a shortened YouTube Version of the original radio interview. Go here to listen to and read about the longer version.

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