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4/2/14 Activist Writer Heather Callaghan Exposes Health Industry Lies

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April 2nd 7-8pm eastern standard time.
FarOutRadio Interviews Food Freedom Activist and Investigative Reporter, Heather Callaghan.

Heather and Scott discuss
Many Eye Opening Methods of the Food Industry
Designed for profit and deceit rather than provide best health for your family.

Heather Callaghan covers so many topics that alert you to what is really going on with our food.

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Health Freedom & Social Activist, Heather Callaghan on FarOutRadio

Heather-CallaghanFBFarOutRadio program. Listen Hour One Here. Hour Two Here. Our guest this program is one of our popular regulars here at FarOutRadio where we are committed to getting the truth out about natural health and social issues.

Health Freedom  & Social Activist, researcher and editor of the popular health blog, Natural Blaze, Heather Callaghan, is our guest these two hours. We discuss Heather's home schooling experience and how it has enhanced her life. Second hour we discussed healthy meals and famous authors on personal power.

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