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Master Gardener & Herbalist Jeannie Francis on Joys of Juicing

Jeannie FrancisFar Out Radio Program. We present to you our regular holistic health guest Jeannie Francis. Listen HEREJoin Jeannie Francis to help us celebrate vegetarian month as she helps us explore the many benefits of juicing with fresh vegetables, fruit and herbs. Why is the raw, concentrated approach so healthy for our bodies?  Should you juice every day or do a juice cleanse for a few days? What works best for individuals and families?

Jeannie Francis as a master gardener, herbalist and holistic practitioner has the deep understanding of a natural nutrition approach with juicing. Find out what has worked for her and her clients and what can work for you whether you want to lose a few pounds, rid your body of toxins or just get healthier with more energy in your go. Jeannie has the approach.

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Brian Patton, The Sexy Vegan, Shares his Humor and Recipes

Brian PattonFar Out Radio Program. We present to you another holistic health program for our health conscious listeners. Listen HEREJoin Brian Patton, “The Sexy Vegan” (and very funny vegan), our guest for this program. The vegan diet is arguably one of the most controversial diets of our day. It’s considered extreme vegetarianism because it excludes all dairy products, meaning no eggs, cheese, yogurt, milk, cream, ice cream, and butter. The standard questions usually are, “Why go Vegan and what are you supposed to eat?!?” Join us as Brian Patton shares his knowledge and humor.

If you haven’t seen Brian Patton’s alter ego vegan cooking videos, you’re in for a treat. They’re funny, irreverent, and educational. Brian shows how varied and tasty vegan cooking can be. His Sexy Vegan recipe books are very popular too.

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Back to our USA Roots with Wonders of Hemp Harvests Returning!

Historic Hemp Harvest in Springfield, Colorado 2013. KRDO News footage of the first legal hemp harvest in the United States in more than six decades (above).

Story below by George Peele as republished from 303Magazine.com

Hemp.Ryan LoflinRyan Loflin just gave Uncle Sam the bird–and made history in the process. On Saturday, October 5, the Colorado farmer and forty or so supporters began hand harvesting his 60 acre plot of industrial hemp near Springfield. The miracle plant hasn’t been grown in America on a large scale since patriots were encouraged to do it during World War II. It’s still illegal under asinine federal law, due to the trace amounts of THC that connect it to marijuana. It’s even technically still off limits in Colorado, though that will change next year when the state begins officially registering hemp farmers—progress made possible by Colorado’s model medical pot rules.

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Peggy Tileston on Laughter Yoga. Is laughter the best medicine?

Peggy TilestonFar Out Radio Program. It's another Friday at FarOutRadio and we just want to have fun and lighten you up! Listen HERE. Join Peggy Tileston, Laughing Yoga Instructor and Holistic Wellness Therapist as she talks about her Laughter Yoga teaching. One of her students says it best…."Her voice captivated us all, and we were instantly present. And then, we started to laugh… and very quickly I was laughing and laughing and laughing as the whole group got swept up in exercises of unstoppable joy. Peggy showed us how to tap into happiness!" Peggy shares her path to wholeness and how sharing her laughter yoga classes plays a big part!

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Social Activist and Waking Times Founder, Dylan Charles

Dylan CharlesFarOutRadio Program.  Listen Here. Our return guest this program is social activist, writer and WakingTimes.com founder, editor, Dylan Charles.

This program we discuss a part of Dylan Charles' life story that prompted him to look closely at how he was spending his time and what impact he was having on the world. We talk about the challenges of making changes and his life today, his social activism and his devotion to sharing the truth with his amazing Waking Times team of activist writers.

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