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Reinvent Yourself! Discover a new evolution of thought.

by Neale Donald Walsch

Reinvent_Yourself_keep_aspect_374x215The Inspiration of Barbara Marx Hubbard. Many people have heard of Barbara Marx Hubbard—and many people have not. I like the fact that she is not a household name, immediately recognizable the world over. That makes her more like us, and a wonderful model. A template. An outpicturing of what we all are—and what we are all potentialed to be.

“Potentialed” is a new word. I just made it up. I like it. It says exactly what I want it to say. I think that we all are . . . no, I know that we all are . . . imbued with the potential to be more than we’ve so far allowed ourselves to be. Further, I think that we all know it. And I think that we are all endowed with an impulse to move toward our highest expression of that More that we know we are.

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9 Key Components of Shift Towards Higher Consciousness

consciousness-300x168by Dylan Charles, Editor  Waking Times  Facing considerable political, economic, social and ecological crises, the human race is desperate for a transformation and a new direction. Business as usual ensures that we are doomed to run a course of half-conscious self-destruction, as man-made catastrophes multiply and stress mounts in every aspect of life. We must overthrow our ignorance, as it has become a fearful master, goading us into war, pollution, waste and exploitation.

The social problems and entrenched patterns at the source of global issues are too vast and complex to be solved at the personal level, yet, paradoxically, the personal transformation of the individual offers a lonesome opportunity to avert the catastrophes we are engineering for ourselves. Human consciousness has a critical role to play in our collective destiny and there is a seismic shift occurring here that is creating a rising class of conscious people better equipped than ever to deal with such a chaotic environment.

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Break Through the Programmed Response with Consciousness


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Can we intentionally be like the tree … inexhaustible life transforming?



Scott Teeters's insight:


Deep article – makes you think- Can the consciousness movement help us break through the ever preset programmed response? Ida Lawrence talks about the possiblities of energy.

"When we change our perspective from personal pressure to worldwide pressure, it can become nearly overwhelming… so rapid, so destructive is the decline of this world. Is the global picture something we can bring into a conversation without becoming either angry or despondent? We’re going to try."



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