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Bob Frissell & The BIG SCREEN Metaphysical Picture of Life, Pt. 2

Group Consciousness & The Procession of the Equinoxes

Our metaphysical pal, Bob Frissell is back for another installment of our ongoing converastion about The BIG SCREEN Metaphysical Picture of Life."

If you enjoy mind-bending, head scratching things to think about, ponder, and consider, the arena of metaphysics can really take you to some strange places. When Bob was last with us on February 12, 2016, we were talking about Life before and after enlightenment, and the slippery nature of Time as the foundation of our experience of Life.

Not only do our lives reflect our decisions, but we are part of a much longer story that stretches out way, way beyond the span of our individual lives. And just like our lives seems to have cycles, so does the Cosmos. Continue reading

Tim Swartz, Ghost Phone Calls From the Other Side & Spirit Activity With Electronics, 11 27 15

Ghost Phone Calls & Spirit Interaction With Electronics

Dateline: 11.27.15: When the telephone went mainstream in the late 1800s and the world was being wired for phone service, what most never expected was that sometimes – abet very rarely, people have experienced receiving a strange phone call that sounds like a dearly departed loved one or friend. Usually, the connection is not good and the message is very brief.

However, the person receiving the call, almost always reports that they instantly recognized the voice, and were thrown off by the content of the message. When they answered the phone and recognized the voice, they were expecting "a conversation." Instead,

Continue reading

The BIG SCREEN metaphysical Picture of Life, Bob Frissell

What is the big screen view of what we are doing here and the purpose of Life.

There is an expression int the metaphysical community concerning, what Life is like BEFORE and AFTER Enlightenment. The saying goes…

Before enlightenment, there is chopping wood and carrying water.
And after enlightenment, there is chopping wood and carrying water.

What are we to make of that statement? Even if your guardian angle, or guru, or, even Jesus was to give you "THE SECRET TO LIFE" and you BLISSED out for the evening, tomorrow would be another day. Then what?

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Janet Sitchin, Anunnaki Chronicles, Zechariah Sitchin’s Work Continues

Zechariah Sitchin's work continues thanks to his niece, Janet Sitchin

HOST NOTE: Up front I want to apologize to my guest, Janet Sitchin for consistently mispronouncing her and her uncle's last name. I was saying, “Stitchin” instead of “Sitchin.”

Dateline: 12.28.15 – If you have a passion for mysteries, there isn't a bigger mystery than our own history. Even if you only have a mild interest in hidden history, hidden technology, and inconvenient artifacts of ancient cultures that change the narrative of who we are and how we got here, you have no doubt heard of the work of Zechariah Sitchin.

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Mystery of the Great American Stonehenge with Dennis Stone

Dennis Stone, owner of America's Stonehenge in New Hampshire talks with Scott Teeters on Far Out Radio.

If you have an interest in ancient mysteries, you no doubt have heard of the famous Stonehenge in England. Stonehenge is especially mysterious because it’s out in the open, the stones are huge, with big stones atop of other big stones that are buried in the earth. And they are specifically placed so that on the equinoxes, the sun rises in specific places within the circular arrangement. No one completely understands the purpose of Stonehenge, who built it, or how old it is.

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