4.01.13 Homeopathic Practitioner and Author, Jana Shiloh on her book HeartFusion

Far Out Radio Talks with Jana Shiloh on her amazing process of imprinting water to heal deep traumas.

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Jana-Shiloh-FB-Graphic-72Our guest is Jana Shiloh, Homeopathic practitioner and Author of the transformative book titled HeartFusion™ The Magic of Imprinting Water for Healing.

Jana, now living in the magical energy of Sedona, AZ has been practicing vibrational medicine and homeopathy for over 30 yrs. She has taught homeopathy internationally and nationally, and also at the University of Arizona Medical school in a special postgraduate program co sponsored by Dr. Andrew Weil.

She has been named Honorary Homeopathic Clinical Associate to Dr. Ronald Davey, former physician to the Queen of England. And she is the author of two other books on her much loved practice of homeopathy.

Her book “HeartFusion™ looks at  emotional transformation. Her  radical new approach goes one step beyond Emoto’s work with crystalline patterns in water.

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3.26.2013 Dr. P M H Atwater, Author & Researcher Discusses Her New Book, Children of the Fifth World

In this Guide to the Coming Changes in Human Consciousness, Dr. P. M. H. Atwater outlines six generations and provides us with an invaluable resource for parents and kids.

or Making Sense of “Kids Today.”

PM H AtwaterOur Guest is  Author & Researcher, P.M.H. Atwater. During this show she discusses themes from her  new book, “Children of the Fifth World".

One of the fun things about being an aging Baby Boomer is finding yourself thinking and saying things, then hearing a faint echo… from your distant past… The echo of similar things you heard when you were a child, things said by your elders… It usually starts off with, “Ya know… These kids today…” And then it goes on from there…

When I was in high school, I had a hip, young English teacher named Mr. Thompson. The girls all looked at him with dreamy eyes, but he could talk football with the guys, so he was okay. One day Mr. Thompson read an essay from one of the ancient Greek philosophers. The funny part was that this ancient Greek writer was complaining about “kids today.” Yes, it’s an age old issue.

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3.20.2013 Tim Swartz, Investigative Journalist Talks Time Slips-Science or Science Fiction?

Tim Swartz on The High Strangeness of “Time Slips”

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Tim-Swartz-FB-72Our guest is writer and researcher, Tim Swartz. Tim is one of our regular guests because he’s into “far out” things like we are. You can catch Tim’s previous visits by using the search box at the top of the right side bar.

We chat about some of the material from Tim’s book, “Time Travel – Fact Not Fiction: Time Slips, Real Time Machines, And How-To Experiments To Go Forwards Or Backwards Through Time” available, HERE.

Tim SwartzTim will be back with us in April and we’ll probably pick up this evening’s conversation because it takes so much time to cover the material. (bad joke there, I know!) This show we focus on the very strange phenomena of “Time Slips.” This is the very unusual and odd experience of suddenly finding one’s self in a completely DIFFERENT era of time. The “place” is the same, but the “time” is different!

Usually, these experiences are happenstance. Sometimes the shift in time is only a few decades and other times it is centuries! But some researchers have been able to deliberately induce the experience through the use of “psychometry,” (wikipedia definition click here) — the sensing of energy held within objects.

Time Slips are also closely related to the appearance of ghosts. The experience of Time Slips can be very disturbing for people and something they never forget. And least you think that these experiences are simply private imaginations. Time Slips have sometimes been experienced by TWO people at the same time!

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3.19.2013 Elsie Kerns, Holistic Practitioner on the Magic of Energy Medicine

Elsie Kerns, Donna Eden Energy Medicine Teacher and Practitioner explains these Amazing Energy Healing Connections in our Body

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Elsie-Kerns-FB-72Our guest is Energy Medicine Practitioner, Healer, and Teacher, Elsie Kerns. She’s a very accomplished, thoughtful, compassionate, and schooled woman. Elsie is a Reiki Master and teacher, a graduate of The Barbara Brennan School of Light, an authorized Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner, and Eden Energy Medicine 101 and 102 instructor.

In 2011 Elsie published a delightful book titled, “12 Angels For Practical Daily Living” that includes a meditation CD. She also has three audio CD programs – “Wellness For Life,” “Reiki Video & Manual,” and “Reiki Level I & II,” plus two MP3 format meditation programs, “Begin Anew” and “Headaches & Migraines.” All available at,

Elsie is a very successful healer and as down to earth as can be. Raised as a good Irish Catholic girl in Philadelphia, Elsie was living a standard American, middle-class lifestyle until a mid-life crisis shook up her world. But it was swimming with the dolphins in the Florida Keys that set Elsie on a new life course of discovery in the field of holistic health and energy medicine.

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3.11.2013 Psychic and Expert on Ancient Hidden Arts of Manifestation, Maria D’Andrea

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Maria-FB-72Our guest is professional psychic, Maria D’Andrea. Some of us become interested in psychic matters and “study” the subject. Maria was one of those unique individuals that was not only born into a psychic family, but had the gift for as long as she can remember.

The “realm of the psychic” has been a life long passion for Maria – it is definitely her Dharma – what it is that she is supposed to be doing with her life. Along her path of discovery Maria has learned European Shamanism, Meditation Techniques, Palmistry, Past Life Research, Personal Health and Wellness Techniques, Tarot Card Reading, Psychometry, Rune Casting, and MANY other fascinating aspects of the world of psychic skills and tools.

Maria offers Psychic Readings, classes at her D’Andrea Institute, Spiritrainbow Healing, Business and Spiritual Life Coaching, and Public Speaking. She has authored 10 books, (two of which are sold out), and has seven e-books. Maria has been on dozens of TV and radio programs, including Coast to Coast AM (and now Far Out Radio), as well as Alexandrea’s Psychic Eye. And Maria has her own weekly TV series, “The Spiritual World With Maria” that airs on Saturdays at 7pm eastern time on Channel 20 in Eastern Long Island, New York.

Maria D’Andrea shares her story as a life long psychic, practical tools for protection for people just starting out in their own psychic development, and an overview of her latest book, “How To Eliminate Stress and Anxiety Through The Occult.”

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