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2/23/15 Michael Horn on the Spiritual Side of UFO Contactee Billy Meier

Michael Horn is the official American representative for, UFO contactee, Billy Meier, a man who is arguably THE most controversial figure in the world of UFOlogy. If you are new to this topic, you may be wondering, “WHY?”


Prior to the publication of the photographs taken by Billy Meier, photos of UFOs were typically grainy and usually slightly out of focus. This was due to relatively slow speed film and hobby quality cameras that at best, delivered photo quality that was “just okay.” UFO researchers used to lament, “If only more people had better cameras.” 

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2/16/15 Jon Rappoport, The News Media’s Death Rattle & Jon’s Exiting The Matrix Education Series

Scott Teeters, host of Far Out Radio interviews author and social analyst, Jon Rappoport. Topics include using your imagination to exit this crazy matrix and and also the fall of main stream media. In the first half, we covered the impact of the Brian Williams situation on the already troubled mainstream media news. Are the wheels ready to come busting off this tired old buggy that fewer and fewer people are watching? It seems that way.

In the second half we talked about Jon's three part "Matrix" series.

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10/27/14 Bob Frissell-Ancient Egyptian Mystery School Secrets – The Right Eye of Horus

Now on YouTube.  Bob Frissell, author of “Nothing In This Book Is True, But It’s Exactly How Things Are” returns for another sparkling visit. Bob has been with us many times. During our last few visits we covered the basics of the Ancient Egyptian Mystery School called, The Left Eye of Horus. This training was NOT for the faint of heart and was nothing like modern metaphysical mystery schools. The ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools required full dedication,and wasn’t something that was studied in one’s spare time.

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10/10/14 Bo Long, How Orgone Devices Can Stave Off Electro Smog


Now on YouTube. This program Scott Teeters chats with Bo Long, the creator of a fascinating enterprise called Orgonia.

So what in the world is this natural energy called orgonite and why would you be interested?

Bo Long  tells us about Orgone Energy. Bo is in the "Orgone Devices" business. The term “Orgone” was coined by Wilhelm Reich in the 1930s and basically means, “Life Force.” It was conceived as the anti-entropic principle of the universe, a creative substratum in all of nature comparable to Franz Mesmer’s “animal magnetism.” Mesmer’s work went on to be called, “Hypnosis” by Scottish Dr. James Braid, it also lead to the expression “to be Mesmerized” or “to be in a trance.”

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