Did Elvis Really Fake his Own Death?

ElvisOn August 16, 1977 the entire world was stunned by the news of the death of the King of Rock'n Roll, Elvis Presley. Although it was no secret that he was not in good health, he was only 42 years old.

His funeral was the very next day and was enormous! While some thought that was a little odd, most of us were just in shock, very sad, and didn't give it much attention.

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Doug Hajicek – A Life of Making Far Out Documentary Films

FB_Doug-Hajicek-72Doug Hajicek, independent filmmaker and three-time Emmy nominee, has over 200 TV features to his credit. He’s taken his natural passion for the outdoors, cryptozoology, wild animals and combined it with his love of filmmaking and “things that go GRRR in the night. Doug has traveled all over the planet in search of the strange, the wild, and the dangerous. He joins us for two hours of conversation about his career. Listen HR 1 HERE.  HR 2 HERE.


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6.14.13 Matt Goldberg, A Baseball Tale- A Snowball’s Chance – Philly Fires Back!

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matt goldberg
In the world of sports, it is no secret that Philly sports fans can be a little, shall we say, “rowdy.” Or, are they just over the top enthusiastic? Either way, they can be colorful and unpredictable, such that sports writers and sports casters have often been equally as critical.

Humorist and sports writer Matt Goldberg is back with us this program. Matt is co-author of the book “A Snowball’s Chance: Philly Fires Back Against the National Media” with Joe Vallee, Ryan Downs, and Billy Vargus. Goldberg describes the book as, “a mix of humor, satire, and meat-and-potatoes details for the hardcore sports fan. A Snowball's Chance both defends and even celebrates a fan base that has been skewered way out of proportion to our occasional indiscretion. Supporting the perspectives of the authors is a marvelous cast of Philly sports icons who contributed their insights, including: local athletes who stayed in the area.”

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6.11.13 Renowned Photographer Al Satterwhite-Adventures With Gonzo Journalist Hunter S. Thompson

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The term “gonzo journalism” was invented by Hunter S. Thompson. Gonzo Journalism is a style of journalism where the writer immerses himself so deeply into the subject that they personally become the center of the narrative. The term “gonzo” quickly morphed into into many “over the top” activities, most notably morning FM radio programs.

But there was only one true “Gonzo” journalist and that was Hunter S. Thompson. “Dr. Hunter S. Thompson” as he sometime liked to be called. (Hunter got his doctorate from the Universal Life Church)

Al Satterwhite has been a professional photographer all of his adult life. His work has appeared in Automobile, Car & Driver, Fortune, Geo, Life, Look, Money, Newsweek, People, Playboy, Sports Illustrated, Time, Travel & Leisure and many, many other publications and books. Al met Hunter in the early 70s while covering a GOP convention. The two young lions became friends and for the next several years, from time-to-time, Al would get a call from Hunter. “Al! Meet me at…” and off they’d go on another Thompson-Satterwhite adventure.

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5.16.13 Visionary Artist Alex Grey Talks Art, Life & His New Book, Net of Being.

This is an encore program – one of our most popular – enjoy!!!

Visionary Artist, Alex Grey talks about his unique philosophy about life and art and discusses his recent book, The Net of Being

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Alex-Grey-FB-72Our guest for this program is visionary artist and writer, Alex Grey. The terms “unique, original, and visionary” are often used adjectives that are often over used. But this is definitely NOT the case for Alex Grey’s work.

An Alex Grey art piece is like nothing else. Part technical-medical illustration, part psychedelic, and very mystical, there is NOTHING like his work. After two years at Columbus College of Art and Design, Alex dropped out to paint billboards for a year. It must have been a vagabond thing because Alex was soon back to school at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston where he met his wife Allyson.

As a couple, together they explored the inner realms of mysticism through the use of LSD, which one might believe explains Alex’s amazing  use of color in his art. Alex then spent five years at the Harvard Medical School working in the Anatomy Department, studying and preparing cadavers for dissection. This kind of true “hands on” experience prepared Alex for what would eventually become his signature style of “mind, body, and spirit” artwork.

His art is a blend of full-color, x-ray-like illustration and resembles Kirlian photography  that depicts the subtle energy field of Life that animates all living things. His series of 21 human full-size paintings called “Sacred Mirrors” put him on the map, and he hasn’t stopped since.

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