5.06.13 Bob Browne, Computer Technology Expert – What Is “Cloud Computing”?

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Bob browne the cloudA few weeks ago I was in my local Apple store to get a new mouse. After making my purchase I spent some time looking at all the shiny new Macs. Of course, each display Mac had a series of screens that explains the device's features. After looking at several, I noticed a pattern. They were all talking about “The Cloud.”

Cloud Computing has been around for a long time, going all the way back to the original AOL platform where all of your communications were stored in your AOL account on their servers, aka, “The Cloud.” Like a ground-based cloud (fog) Cloud Computing has drifted around us and is so pervasive that like fish in water that don’t know they’re in water, we interact with The Cloud almost every day and don’t realize it.

When you look at the promotion screens on the new Macs, it looks as if The Cloud is the greatest thing since sliced bread. And it does indeed enable us to do amazing, far out things. But, what exactly is The Cloud? And by structuring a society so entrenched with The Cloud, are we more vulnerable than we realize?

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2.26.13 Matt Goldberg, Humorist and Author Talks Writing and Wit

Matt Goldberg, Author of witty books, blogs, presentations, comedies and even jingles talks of his life, wit, humor and writing career.

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Matt-Goldburg-FM-72Our guest  is writer, author, and humorist, Matt Goldberg. Matt is the author of five books, “WORDAPODIA, VOLUME ONE” – An Encyclopedia of Real Fake Words, “ALL THAT TWITTERS IS NOT GOLDBERG” – Truthful Humor From a Vindicated Columnist, “SO SO WISDOM” – The Misplaced Teachings of So So Gai, and “MIXED EMOTIONS” – Poetry for the Open-Minded. Matt’s newest book is titled, “A SNOWBALL’S CHANGE” Philly Fires Back Against The National Media.”

Some people are naturally funny and usually have an unusual way of looking at the world. That’s why they tend to see humor where others don’t. But where does that come from? How is it developed? Many people are funny, but they’re not writers. Humor writing is a whole other skill level separate from being funny or having a good sense of humor.

Scott and Matt talk about the role humor has played in Matt’s life. Where did his sense of humor and unique view of life come from? What inspired Matt to become a writer? How about Matt’s involvement in Toastmasters and how it has affected his life?

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1.25.2013 South Jersey Winemaker, Louis Caracciolo Bests California and France

Amalthea Cellars Winery of Atco NJ Beats the Best of French and California Wines

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Caracciolo-FB-72When we think of “fine wine,” we usually think of wines from France or California’s Napa Valley. Mankind has been making wine for thousands of years. There are red and white wines, fruit and desert wines, expensive wines and cheap wines. For many, wine with a good meal is essential. And for “special occasions” only a good bottle of Californian or French wine will do.

Until now.

Yes, there’s a new kid on the block in the world of fine wines. Surprise, surprise, it’s Southern New Jersey! Master wine maker and food scientist, Louis Caracciolo, owner of Almalthea Cellars in Atco, New Jersey is FarOutRadio.com's guest.

It turns out that the soil and climate of Southern New Jersey can produce exceptionally high quality grapes needed to make wine. But the grape is only the beginning of the process.

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1.18.2013 Far Out Radio Guest: Bob Browne, WordPress Website Expert

The Wonderful World of WordPress Websites and Internet Marketing

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Bob-Browne-FB-72Our guest is Bob Browne, owner of GDS Pro Hosting and GDSComp.com. His company’s motto is, “Make it simple so anyone can have a website.” Bob is a Web Developer, Networking Consultant, Hosting Service, PC Technician, and WordPress Expert.

Bob has had a long career in data processing, spanning over 30 years. He was there for the birth of the personal computer, desktop publishing, the internet explosion, and the birth of the blogosphere. Bob now specializes in WordPress platform websites for everything from personal blogs to full-feature business websites.

We talk about the rapid expansion of WordPress, Cloud Computing, Internet 3.0, and the future direction of the computer, the internet and TV converging in your living room. If you want to know about what is going on with the world wide web and want to be up to date, tune in!

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On Far Out Radio – Special Guest Jeff Rense on The Topic of Talk Radio

With talk show host Jeff Rense, discussing the dynamic force called Talk Radio!___________________________________________

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renseOur guest is Jeff Rense, founder of Rense Radio Network, and editor and chief of Rense.com. Jeff has had a long and distinguished career in broadcasting that spans over 30 years. He has been a news reporter and news anchor in Santa Barbara and Las Vegas

Jeff has brought his professional journalism skills to the medium of talk radio for the last twenty plus years with his five nights a week, three hour long, Jeff Rense Program. His journalistic credentials are only exceeded by his staggering archived collection of programs dating back to May 1994!

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