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Cinematic Misadventures of Odd Film Maker Ed Wood with author, Andy Rausch

Andy Rausch takes us through the strange career of a man that made terrible movies, but that man (Ed Wood) thought they were great!
Hollywood isn't just about films, actors, directors, and producers, it's also about "characters." Filmmaker Ed Wood was quite a character and in retrospect, more well known today than the seriously bad fright flicks and other edgy movies he made in the '50s, '60s, and '70s. Of course, Ed Wood's postmortem fame is largely owed to the 1994 Tim Burton film, starring Johnny Depp, "Ed Wood."

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Merrell Fankhausser UFO? Signals From Malibu

Signals From Malibu, Surfer Rock’n Roll Meets Possible UFO Sounds, Merrell Fankhauser.

Merrell Fankhauser's professional musician career goes all the way back to the days of Southern California Surf'n music in the early 1960s. As a child of the 1950s, Merrell was fascinated with UFOs, it's a subject that's always been with him. In the late 1960s Merrell used to see college kids along the cliff near Malibu out at night, watching the "lights" going into and out of the water off the coast.

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Esoteric Imagery in Cinema Pt 3 w Robert Sullivan


Robert W. Sullivan IV talks about his new book, “Cinema Symbolism” with Scott Teeters, on Far Out Radio. Author, lawyer, historian, theologian, philosopher and 32nd Degree Mason, Robert W. Sullivan IV joined us for a sparkling conversation about his new book, Cinema Symbolism: A Guide To Esoteric Imagery In Popular Movies. 

Rob was with us last on April 17, 2015. His book, Cinema Symbolism has so much fun information about popular movie that we had to have him back again. This is Part 3 of our conversation.

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4/24/15 New Book-Elvis Is Alive The Real Conspiracy – Xaviant Haze

Xaviant Haze talks about his new book, “Elvis Is Alive – The Real Conspiracy” with Scott Teeters, on Far Out Radio.
Xaviant’s interest in the life and death of Elvis started just over two years ago when he came upon the strange story, of how a suicide in Miami came to be the catalyst that would ignite the career, of the most electrifying entertainer ever – Elvis Presley.

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