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Twilight Zone: Unlocking The Door To A Television Classic & A Look at Rod Serling, Martin Grams

Author  Martin grams talks about his classic book, “Twilight Zone: Unlocking The Door To A Television Classic.
The Twilight Zone is the Grand Daddy of all strange television shows, although it was not the first. John Newland’s One Step Beyond started in January 1959 – nine months BEFORE Twilight Zone. But One Step Beyond didn’t have that catchy four-note theme. It made all the difference!

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George Carlin finally got his “way” in NYC : A Tribute to a comedy icon

On Wednesday, after years of hard work, George Carlin finally got his way. On the 400 block of 121st street, Morningside Heights, in New York City in front of a crowd of about a 200 people, the sign reading “George Carlin Way” was unveiled. It took three years of work by comedian Kevin Bartini, who …


On Wednesday, October 29,2014, after years of hard work, George Carlin finally got his way. On the 400 block of 121st street, Morningside Heights, in New York City in front of a crowd of about a 200 people, the sign reading “George Carlin Way” was unveiled. It took three years of work by comedian Kevin Bartini, who moved into the neighborhood, discovered it was Carlin’s stomping ground and was shocked to find there was no statue or any marker noting that a bonafide comic legend and NYC native grew up there. Carlin lived at Broadway and 121st in Morningside Heights from his 1937 birth until dropping out of high school in 1954 and enlisting in the Air Force.

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9/5/14 Tim Swartz: Why is America Obsessed with Roadside Attractions?

Now  on Youtube. FarOutRadio is honored to present our regular and always popular guest, Tim Swartz, Independent Investigative Analyst, Paranormal Researcher and author of many books.

Earlier this week Tim was telling me about a topic he has been interested in since he was a kid. If you have ever gotten in a car with your folks to go on the family vacation when you were a kid, you know the feeling. "Mom, I want to see the world's largest alligator" or "Dad, let's stop at that restaurant with the giant man in front". We take a walk down memory lane with a a thrill-packed look at the weirdest, silliest, tackiest, and most amazing things in the country.

We discover a side of America that you never knew existed, one that is filled with enormous animals, bizarre museums, odd events, and oversized furniture. Why is America so obsessed  with these oddities?  You know!  Pack up the car, let's go!!

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Xaviant Haze-How and Why Elvis Presley May Have Faked his Death on YouTube

Our guest, this program in May of 2013 is independent historian, Xaviant Haze. Xaviant and host Scott Teeters, take a look back at the strange story of the death of Elvis Presley and some startling facts that just DO NOT add up. On August 16, 1977 the entire world was stunned by the news of the death of the King of Rock'n Roll, Elvis Presley. Although it was no secret that he was not in good health, he was only 42 years old.

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Genuine George Carlin Quotes – For Your Reading and Sharing Pleasure

Stuff that Carlin DID say

as republished (just part of the whole article) from

editor's note – Scott Teeters, our FarOutRadio host and producer often quotes one of his favorite people of all time. And that is the late great George Carlin. Here are a few of George Carlin's genuine quotes as republished from Enjoy.

"Despite all the bogus George Carlin quotations floating around the internet, there are of course plenty of real ones too. Unfortunately, people rarely ever supply the precise source of the quotation ( the name of the Carlin album, or book, or HBO special, etc. that the words are taken from), making it difficult for casual Carlin fans to distinguish a fake quote from a real quote. Sometimes the wording of a quotation is significantly off, too. Most of the time I'm able to immediately recognize a genuine Carlin quote when I see one and tell you where it's from, but other times I need to do some digging to verify it.

 Here we focus on some of the more popular Carlin quotes that show up on the internet (to make it easier to verify a genuine quote when you see one), and a few favorites."

george carlin

From Brain Droppings (1997):

  • People say, "I'm going to sleep now," as if it were nothing. But it's really a bizarre activity. "For the next several hours, while the sun is gone, I'm going to become unconscious, temporarily losing command over everything I know and understand. When the sun returns, I will resume my life." If you didn't know what sleep was, and you had only seen it in a science fiction movie, you would think it was weird and tell all your friends about the movie you'd seen. "They had these people, you know? And they would walk around all day and be OK? And then, once a day, usually after dark, they would lie down on these special platforms and become unconscious. They would stop functioning almost completely, except deep in their minds they would have adventures and experiences that were completely impossible in real life. As they lay there, completely vulnerable to their enemies, their only movements were to occasionally shift from one position to another; or, if one of the 'mind adventures' got too real, they would sit up and scream and be glad they weren't unconscious anymore. Then they would drink a lot of coffee." So, next time you see someone sleeping, make believe you're in a science fiction movie. And whisper, "The creature is regenerating itself." (Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z, p46-47)
  • "Not only do I not know what's going on, I wouldn't know what to do about it if I did." (p70)
  • "Some see the glass a half-empty, some see the glass as half-full. I see the glass as too big." (p72)
  • "If you love someone, set them free; if they come home, set them on fire." (p72)
  • [later credited to “Anonymous”] "Those who dance are considered insane by those who can't hear the music." (p74)

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