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TIME SLIPS – Brief Shifts In the Space-Time Continuum

Experiences of popping in-and-out of different time periods!

Dateline: 3.25.16: About 3 years ago, Tim and I did two programs on the topic of Time Slips, the first was on March 20, 2013 and the second was on April 24, 2013. Paranormal experiences, by their nature, are UNNERVING, and not NORMAL. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “paranormal” as, “Things not understandable in terms of known scientific laws and phenomena.”

And since we live in a science-based culture, we don't like things that science can't explain. Paranormal experiences include; ghosts and hauntings, poltergeists, possession, clairvoyance, clairaudience, psycometry, Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVPs), Spontaneous Human Combustion, ET visitation, UFO sightings, Time Slips, and a few others.

Unlike many paranormal experiences, Time Slips typically happen when someone is totally wide awake and engaged in the activities of their day. Then BAM! Within the blink of an eye

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Merrell Fankhauser and the Land of Mu (Lemuria)


Merrell Fankhauser is an enduring cult figure rock musician who has enjoyed a long career going back to the sixties and seventies. He is always an entertaining guest here on Far Out Radio. Besides an amazing guitar playing career, he has led a life of many interests, one of which is the ancient story about Lemuria. His interest started in California and grew while living in Hawaii. What follows is an excerpt from his interview with MuzikMan about fifteen years ago. We invite you to listen to Merrell's interviews here on Far Out Radio where he shares more of his amazing life story. Go here.

MuzikMan: Your band, Mu got it's name from the Lost Continent, how did that come about? You also have had some experiences with UFOs?

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Excerpt From “Seven Secrets of Time Travel” by Von Braschler


We tend to think of the future as one time line and the past as another distant time line. But there is only one time line, which is fluid. Nature is a good teacher of this principle, as Madame Blavatsky acknowledged in her classic little book The Voice of the Silence. Nature teaches us how the past becomes the future. We can see that trees do not die in autumn. Instead, they begin a regeneration process. In the winter, when much of the physical world is frozen, we commonly think of death. But the life force in nature endures and recycles. The next spring looks like the spring of last year. We, too, are essentially a life force–a light body encased in a gross, material body. We reside there but we are not destined to remain entombed in our physical structures forever.

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Bob Frissell on the Power of Thoth-Ascended Master & First Historian on YouTube

 Now on YouTube.  Bob Frissell, author of “Nothing In This Book Is True, But It’s Exactly How Things Are” returns for another sparkling visit. Bob has been with us many times.

Guest: Bob Frissell – Website –

Topic: Bob and I covered a lot of material this evening, but in truth, it was like a Whitman’s Sampler Box of Chocolates that gives “just a taste.” The focus of our conversation was an ancient being named Thoth and the contemporary man named Drunvalo Melchizedek. 

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How the Mainstream Press Avoids and Disdains Reporting on UFO Stories on YouTube

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Tim Swartz8.13.14 Now on YouTube.. FarOutRadio is honored to present our regular and always popular  guest, Tim Swartz, Independent Investigative Analyst, Paranormal Researcher and author of many books.

Guest: Tim Swartz

Topic: Why does the American mainstream media give UFO stories such shabby treatment? Tim recently wrote an article titled, “Reporting On UFOs: How the Mainstream Press Avoids UFO Stories” and you can read the complete article here… We touched upon the ABC News UFO Special from 2005 with Peter Jennings and how it compared with the Kingman, Arizona UFO Crash of 1953, and the 1897 Aurora, Texas Airship Incident. The Aurora, Texas story was especially interesting because this was in 1903 – six years after the Aurora incident.

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