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TIME SLIPS – Brief Shifts In the Space-Time Continuum

Experiences of popping in-and-out of different time periods!

Dateline: 3.25.16: About 3 years ago, Tim and I did two programs on the topic of Time Slips, the first was on March 20, 2013 and the second was on April 24, 2013. Paranormal experiences, by their nature, are UNNERVING, and not NORMAL. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “paranormal” as, “Things not understandable in terms of known scientific laws and phenomena.”

And since we live in a science-based culture, we don't like things that science can't explain. Paranormal experiences include; ghosts and hauntings, poltergeists, possession, clairvoyance, clairaudience, psycometry, Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVPs), Spontaneous Human Combustion, ET visitation, UFO sightings, Time Slips, and a few others.

Unlike many paranormal experiences, Time Slips typically happen when someone is totally wide awake and engaged in the activities of their day. Then BAM! Within the blink of an eye

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Red Haired Giants & Other High Strangeness in Wisconsin, Mary Sutherland

How "strange" is Wisconsin? Strange! VERY Strange!

We have a new guest for you this evening. Mary Sutherland is the author of the book, "Red Haired Giants" and researcher of all things strange and unusual in the Wisconsin area. It turns out that there's a lot more going on in Wisconsin than just the Green Bay Packers!

Wisconsin's got it all – UFOs, Bigfoot, Mothman, Dogman, ghosts, the Djinn (as in, Genies and their flying carpets), and Native American legends and myths that go all the way back to the time of Atlantis, and then some. If you have a passion for high strangeness, perhaps Wisconsin is the place for you!

"Giants" have been relegated to the topics of children's books, but this was not always so. Mary has researched (using an old fashioned public library!) old newspaper reports, some of which date back to the 1840s!

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Jay Dyer – 2015 Secret Space Program Debriefing – The Media & What’s Next?

Researcher Jay Dyer shares his insights from the 2015 Secret Space Program Conference in Austin, Texas.

Jay Dyer was back for his second visit to give us a debriefing of the 2015 Secret Space program Conference in Austin, Texas. This was a gathering of independent researchers sharing their findings that all point into the direction of a secret space program that's been going on, maybe since the 1850s! Many perspectives from finance to history, technology, social engineering, and more were presented.

One of Jay's many areas of research is movies with secret space programs and breakaway civilization plot lines, and the James Bond book. and movie franchise. Many Bond stories have had plot lines involving ultra-mega rich, dark, nefarious characters with their own PRIVATE space programs.

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Tim Swartz – Is Morgellons Disease An Alien ET Virus?

Morgellons Disease – One of the CREEPIEST conditions of our time.

Listen Here. Our resident expert of high-strangenes, Tim Swartz is back with us this evening. We ALWAYS enjoy mind-melding with Tim because if there’s something strange & unusual, bizarre, over-the-top, terrestrial, extraterrestrial, inner-dimensional, from the past, present & future, in all dimensions across space and time, in galaxies far, far away… he’s INTO IT!

The last time Tim stopped by for a visit was June 22, 2015 when we talked about Morgellons Disease. Yes, Morgellons is something straight out of a creepy ‘50s sci-fi movie that would be easy to dismiss were it not for the growing number of people that have this, affliction, or I should say more accurately, INFESTATION.

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Mystery Of Marfa Texas Lights SOLVED by the Brilliant Edson Hendricks

Edson Hendricks, the genius who invented the design for the Internet talks about The Marfa Lights, on Far Out Radio with host, Scott Teeters.

In Marfa, Texas there is a naturally occurring phenomenon that is called, “The Marfa Lights.” These are very bright balls of light that just show up. If you go to YouTube, there are numerous videos that you can see. But the videos don’t do the topic justice because they do indeed look fake and a skeptical mind can easily come up with lots of ways you could easily fake something like this on video.

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