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2.8.13 Joe Who, Far Out Radio’s Favorite Psychic!

Joe Who is a very down to earth psychic and grounded in the reality of our modern times.

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Joe-Who-Basic-FB-72Our guest  is Joe Who.  Joe is a psychic with an unusual ability. He is a Voice Natural Direct. His psychic impressions come from “hearing” someone’s voice – not the “what” they are saying, but the vibrational quality of their voice, a highly unusual psychic skill. Joe has been voted, “Chicago’s Number One Psychic

Joe has had this ability since he was a small child when he was aware that he was feeling the pain of the children that were being picked on by school yard bullies. His mother explained that it was a gift and that he should be quiet about it.

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2.7.13 Eric Spinner, Independent Bigfoot Researcher, Shares his Expeditions

Close Encounters with the "SHY" Woodlands Creature also known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch.

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Spinner-FB-Bigfoot-72Our guest is Eric Spinner, owner of Health Haven II Health Food store in Medford, New Jersey and certified nutritionist.


Sometimes Life dishes us neat little surprises!

I had known Eric Spinner for almost 20 years before I learned that he has had a long term interest in Bigfoot and is a serious independent Bigfoot researcher.

Eric has participated in several Bigfoot expeditions and has had a few “close encounters” with what he affectionately calls, “the shy woodlands creature.”

Eric shares with us how he got interested in Bigfoot, his experiences on expeditions, his own close encounter in the Pines of New Jersey, and his ideas about who and what this fascinating creature might be.

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2.6.13 Admiral Byrd’s Amazing Discovery in Antarctica from Historian Tim Swartz

The Strange Story of Admiral Byrd’s 1946 Secret Expedition To Antarctica

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Swartz-Byrd-FB-72Tim R. Swartz is an Indiana native and Emmy-Award winning television producer/videographer, and is the author of a number of popular books including The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla, Secret Black Projects, Evil Agenda of the Secret Government, Time Travel: A How-To-Guide, Richard Shaver-Reality of the Inner Earth, Admiral Byrd's Secret Journey Beyond the Poles.

He is a contributing writer for the books, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: The First Ghostbuster, and Brad Steiger's Real Monsters, Gruesome Critters, and Beasts from the Darkside.

ufos in antarctica

As a photojournalist, Tim Swartz has traveled extensively and investigated paranormal phenomena and other unusual mysteries from such diverse locations as the Great Pyramid in Egypt to the Great Wall in China. He has worked with television networks such as PBS, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, ESPN, Thames-TV and the BBC.

This is one of the strangest, almost forgotten stories of the 20th century. Admiral Richard Byrd was one of the great explorers of the last century, and like his Arctic Expedition, he too is largely forgotten. Byrd came of age in the era of the aeroplane when flight was one of the most amazing things of the times. It was a time when the trans-Atlantic flight of Charles Lindbergh was as exciting as going to the Moon was in the ‘60s.

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2.5.13 UFO Abduction Experiences of Terri Anderson

Life Changing Abduction Experiences Shared by Terri Anderson, an Average American from the Midwest

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Terri-Anderzon-2-FB-72Our guest is Terri Anderson. Terri was on the program January 25, 2013 and will be back to continue with her story.

Terri is an average American, happily living an American life in Kansas. Up until the early ‘90s, the then thirty-something Ms Anderson had no interest in UFOs.

That is, until one day she saw a large craft while driving to her Mom’s house. It seemed to follow her to her Mom’s house and then was witnessed at the home by her mother and brother as it hovered over the trees.

A short time later, she had an unexpected nighttime visit by a “tall, sparkling being” but there was no interaction.

For most of us, that would be experience enough for a lifetime. But things went to the next level – it got personal. When we sleep at night, it’s not uncommon to get a little chilly and reach for the blanket to pull up around us.

But one night when Terri reached for her blanket, she realized that it wasn’t her “blanket,” it was a thin, cold, cover and she was on a metal table. She was not in Kansas any more.

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2.4.13 Far Out Radio Guest is Liz Severino on the Art of Animal Communication

Dr. Liz Explains her Skill of Talking and Listening to the Animal Kingdom

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Liz-FB-Pets-GraphicOur guest is author and animal communicator, Dr. Liz Severino. Dr. Liz’s degree is in Divinity which fits perfectly with the animal communication, spirituality, and energy work she does.

While Dr. Liz consults with people from around the globe on matters of health, spirituality, life goals, and challenges, what gives her the most satisfaction is her work with animals. Having grown up with lots of different kinds of animals – dogs, cars, cows, pigs, chickens, goats, fish, etc, she thought that everyone “communicated” with animals the way that she did.

Little did she know that this is not the case. In fact, most people aren’t even aware of the complex inner lives of animals. They have feelings, memories, likes, dislikes, and even opinions.

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