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1.29.2013 Far Out Radio Talks with Physicist, Bob Schroeder to Solve the UFO Enigma

Robert Schroeder, Solving The UFO Enigma, Part 2

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Bob-Schroeder-Pt2-FB-72Bob Schroeder is making his second appearance with us. You can catch his first visit  HERE.

During his first visit, Bob talked about the math and physics around the UFO phenomenon. In this visit, he elaborates on many of the common characteristics of reported UFO sightings and close encounters. While not every sighting or encounter report  includes these experiences, there are numerous common occurrences that include:

  • A “light glow” around the craft.
  • “Portholes” along the sides of the craft.
  •  “Shimmering” around the craft.
  • Occasional “semi transparent appearance” of crafts.
  • Electro-mechanical machines that stop functioning.
  • “Stopped” clocks.
  •  The experiences of a “suspension of time perception.”
  •  Crafts that seem to just “blink out.”

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1.25.2013 Terri Anderson Candidly Shares Her UFO Sightings & Abduction Experiences

A Life Changing Encounter for Terri Anderson, an Average American from the Midwest

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Terri-Anderson-1-FB-72Our guest on is Terri Anderson. Terri is an average American, happily living an American life in Kansas. She has a large, loving family of good, honest, hard working people. They are grounded, “sturdy American stock” type folks.

Up until the early ‘90s, the then  thirty-something Ms Anderson had no real interest in UFOs or anything that “goes bump in the night.” Then one day, while driving on a very busy three-lane each way highway to her Mom’s house, something low in the sky went over her car. Thinking at first that it was a small plane or helicopter, she was shocked to see that it was a silver disc… with a black military chopper struggling to pursue the craft! A quick look around at the other cars told Terri that others were seeing the same thing.

Thus began Terri’s unexpected journey into the world of UFOlogy. For many, UFOs are something that needs to be seen to believe. After having “seen” a craft, it’s no longer something that you “believe in,” its what you know to be true because you clearly saw what you saw. And for most of us, seeing a UFO would be enough to answer the question, “are UFOs real?”

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1.21.2013 Far Out Radio Guest: Liz Severino, Animal Communicator

Dr. Liz Talks to and Listens to the Animals

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Liz-FB-Pets-GraphicOur guest  is author and animal communicator, Dr. Liz Severino. Dr. Liz’s degree is in Divinity which fits perfectly with the animal communication, spirituality, and energy work she does.

Schooled in multiple esoteric healing and energy arts, Liz uses her own unique blend of modalities based on the needs of any given situation. Her toolbox includes; Reiki, Biofeedback, Essential Oils, Pranic Healing, Qi Gong Breathwork, Yoga, and many others. Dr. Liz is a “collector” of modalities that get results.

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1.16.2013 Far Out Radio Guest: Tim Beckley, Metaphysical Publisher

Our Guest, Timothy Green Beckley is well known as a Ufologist and paranormal pioneer but we will explore his  contribution as a publisher of amazing alternative titles.

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Tim-Beckley-FB-72Our guest is Timothy Green Beckley. Tim is the editor of “Conspiracy Journal”, has been publishing metaphysical books since the ‘60s and has covered just about every topic under the sun concerning metaphysical science.

Since Tim has been in the publishing business since the early days of galley text, waxer machines and paste-up to today’s print-on-demand, we discuss his experience in  the nitch book publishing business and so much more!!!

He is personally aquainted with the paranormal. The house he was raised in was thought to be haunted, he underwent out of body experiences at age six, and saw his first of three UFOs when he was ten. Over the years he has written over 30 books on everything from rock music to the mystery of UFOs.

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1.11.2013 Far Out Guest: Joe Who

Joe Who is a very down to earth psychic and grounded in the reality of our modern times.

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Joe-Who-Basic-FB-72Our guest  is Joe Who.  Joe is a psychic with an unusual ability. He is a Voice Natural Direct. His psychic impressions come from “hearing” someone’s voice – not the “what” they are saying, but the vibrational quality of their voice, a highly unusual psychic skill. Joe has been voted, “Chicago’s Number One Psychic

Joe has had this ability since he was a small child when he was aware that he was feeling the pain of the children that were being picked on by school yard bullies. His mother explained that it was a gift and that he should be quiet about it.

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