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Part 2 of Marc Allen. The book, The Magical Path

Part 2 of the interview where Marc Allen talks about his new book, “Tantra For The West” with Scott Teeters, on Far Out Radio.  Merriam-Webster, the dictionary defines the word, “inspiration” as, “a divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him or her to receive and communicate sacred revelation.” Marc Allen has been inspiring people for over 35 years with his books, audio presentations, and music. He’s the cofounder of New World Library along with Shakti Gawain. Marc has authored eight books, five audio CD sets, and five albums of original music.

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PT1, Marc Allen, The Magical Path-Creating The Life of Your Dreams

Marc Allen talks about his new book, “The Magical Path” with Scott Teeters, on Far Out Radio. This program's topics: Marc Allen, The Magical Path, Creating The Life of Your Dreams & A World That Works For All. Due to thunderstorm activity in our area, we had audio problems during the first 15 minutes of the first hour. We apologize for the rough start.

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Marc Allen. Tantra For The West on Far Out Radio

Tantra For The West, A Conversation With Author Marc Allen. Marc Allen joined us for this program to talk about his 10th book, "Tantra For The West." Usually people think of "sex" when they hear the word Tantra. But this isn't a sex show. In the beginning of our conversation Marc explained how as a self-described, "lazy and undisciplined person" he was able to fulfill his dreams in an easy and relaxed way, through Tantra.

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Dr. PMH Atwater. Near-Death Experience/Research & Attacks on Validity of NDEs

Dr. PMH Atwater talks about her latest Near-Death Experience research project, on Far Out Radio.

Dr. PMH Atwater is back with us this program. The last time she was with us was 9-26-14 and you can access that program below. Dr. Atwater is known around the world for her work in the field of Near-Death Experiences. She hasn’t simply made of study of the near death experience; she has been there THREE TIMES! 

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5/18/15 Cosmic Consciousness & Life AFTER Ancient Egyptian School, What Did The Initiates Do? Bob Frissell

Author & metaphysical teacher, Bob Frissell talks about “life after” the Great Pyramid Egyptian Mystery School on Far Out Radio with Scott Teeters. What Did The Initiates Do After Being One With Everything? 
Yes, Bob Frissell is back with us this evening. This is Bob’s 16th visit with us and   its always a MIND-BENDING hour when Bob’s here . Last August Bob and I started a conversation about the Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools. And tonight we’ll be concluding our conversation about what that mysterious pile of rocks was used for. Hint-Hint… SPOILED ALERT!!! It wasn’t for burying dead kings. AHHH… NO.

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