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Mark McCandlish on Secret Space Program Technology on YouTube

Mark McCandlish is our guest on FarOutRadio this program. Mark is a talented technical illustrator whose specialty is in aviation and conceptual art within the defense and aerospace industries. Enjoy on YouTube:

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Mark McclandishMark's first UFO sighting occurred at Westover Air Force Base in the State of Massachusetts, in the winter of 1966. He observed the craft through an 80 power telescope for about ten minutes before it accelerated out of sight at an extreme velocity.

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Another giant nail in the coffin of psychiatry – Jon Rappoport

psychiatry - false science

by Jon Rappoport Featured FarOutRadio Columnist  Republished from

As my readers know, I’ve assembled a wide-ranging case against psychiatry.

It isn’t a science. It isn’t even close. It’s a hoax.

The bible of the profession, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders (DSM), lists some 300 separate and distinct mental disorders.

However, none of the 300 has a defining physical test for diagnosis. No blood test, no urine test, no hair test, no brain scan, no genetic assay.

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Scientific Evidence for Life After Death?

afterlife evidenceBy Laura Fitzpatrick as republished from Time Magazine

Is there life after death? Theologians can debate all they want, but radiation oncologist Dr. Jeffrey Long says if you look at the scientific evidence, the answer is unequivocally yes. Drawing on a decade's worth of research on near-death experiences — work that includes cataloguing the stories of some 1,600 people who have gone through them — he makes the case for that controversial conclusion in a new book, Evidence of the Afterlife. Medicine, Long says, cannot account for the consistencies in the accounts reported by people all over the world. He talked to TIME about the nature of near-death experience, the intersection between religion and science and the Oprah effect.

Medically speaking, what is a near-death experience?
A near-death experience has two components. The person has to be near death, which means physically compromised so severely that permanent death would occur if they did not improve: they're unconscious, or often clinically dead, with an absence of heartbeat and breathing. The second component [is that] at the time they’re having a close brush with death, they have an experience. [It is] generally lucid [and] highly organized.

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Spaceship Moon-The Moon’s True Function by Scott Teeters

A Notion About the Moon’s True Function
by Scott Teeters
, Host of FarOutRadio

moon in skyThe Moon – The Greatest UFO?

That’s the title of the first chapter in Jim Marrs 1997 book, “Alien Agenda.” While many can speculate as to the reality of UFOs, aka “flying saucers” if you want to see a true Unidentified Flying Object, look up in the night sky at the biggest, brightest, closest object in the sky, the Moon. While we can parse words and say, “The Moon is identified, it’s THE MOON!” we really don’t know what the heck it is.

The Moon has a shopping list of odd behaviors and coincidences. Some Christians like to say that many of these oddities are proof that God put it there for our benefit. Since the Earth’s tides and movement of water would not be possible, or at least be very different if there was no Moon, the “God put it there” argument kind’a, sort'a makes sense.

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Skynet- Destructive Artificial Intelligence in Terminator, Here Now?

SKYNET is Real!

by Xaviant Haze as republished from Xaviant's Blog
The rise of the robot in the 21st century can be directly related with the rise of drone technologies perfected by the United States Military. Drones or UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle) have unexpectedly become popular in the mainstream media mostly due to conspiracy theories and Kentucky senator Rand Paul’s epic13 hour filibuster before congress. Senator Paul schooled the congressional committee on how drones are currently being used to kill innocent civilians in Pakistan and Afghanistan and how the use of drones over American skies could potentially be used from everything to unwarranted spying to capturing and killing terrorist and criminals. Drones for spying and warfare can come as small as mosquitos, and these drones can do everything from record conversations to emitting deadly bio-chemical weapons. The uses of drones have grown so much that they comprise over 30% of all US Military aircraft. But the real dangers of drones are the warning signs they signal for the eventual steps towards the A.I. becoming aware. 

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