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Frank Joseph, Our Dolphin Ancestors, Keepers of Lost Knowledge & Healing Wisdom

Frank Joseph's new book, “Our Dolphin Ancestors: Keepers of Lost Knowledge and Healing Wisdom.”

Dateline: 3.7.16: Frank Joseph is back with us this evening. This is Franks 13th visit and we've talked about all kinds of fascinating, far out topics, including ancient history, the Coming Ice Age, World Wars I & II, Atlantis, the time BEFORE Atlantis, the Lost Colonies of Ancient America, and more.This time, we're going someplace that's entirely different.

Dolphins are arguably the most amazing animals on the planet and some of the smartest – perhaps THE smartest! There are countless “dolphin miracles” stories that are absolutely mind blowing. Many feel that dolphins and humans are related spiritually. People stranded in the ocean have

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Five Top Ways to Get and Stay Happy VIDEO

Welcome to Far Out Radio Speaks Out Video Series with presenter, Karen Teeters. Our narrated article is The simplest way to get — and stay — happy, according to psychologists. Originally published on


When was the last time you felt a light-hearted awareness where you had a skip in your step, care-free grin on your face, and overwhelming sense that despite what happened, everything was going to work out?

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Mystery Of Marfa Texas Lights SOLVED by the Brilliant Edson Hendricks

Edson Hendricks, the genius who invented the design for the Internet talks about The Marfa Lights, on Far Out Radio with host, Scott Teeters.

In Marfa, Texas there is a naturally occurring phenomenon that is called, “The Marfa Lights.” These are very bright balls of light that just show up. If you go to YouTube, there are numerous videos that you can see. But the videos don’t do the topic justice because they do indeed look fake and a skeptical mind can easily come up with lots of ways you could easily fake something like this on video.

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Tim Swartz: Mad Scientists of the New World Order

Final Nail In Your Coffin: Morgellons, Red Mercury, Plagues Created by NWO  MAD SCIENTISTS with Tim Swartz. 6/29/15.

Tim Swartz is back with us this program. Tim Swartz's latest book, “The Final Nail In Your Coffin: Morgellons and Red Mercury “Plagues” Created in NWO (New World Order)  Labs of MAD SCIENTISTS”.

Morgellons is something straight out of a creepy ‘50s sci-fi movie or a H.P. Lovecraft novel, with a little Invasion of the Body Snatchers thrown in. It would be easy to dismiss were it not for the growing number of people that have this affliction, or I should say more accurately, INFESTATION.

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Far Out Five Worst Hurricanes in the US

Part of the Far Out Five series produced by Scott Teeters of FarOutRadio Productions.

Scott Teeters, host & producer of Far Out Radio presents, The Far Out Five WORST HURRICANES In American History.
According to The National Hurricane Center, the Atlantic hurricane season starts on June 1st and ends on November 30th.  Hurricane activity typically is at its highest, in late August and September when the temperatures aloft in the air, and the sea surface temperatures are the greatest.

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