5/1/15 Zana, The Wild Woman of Russia. Is This The Missing Element in the Bigfoot Mystery? Tim Swartz

Author & researcher, Tim Swartz talks about the strange story of Zena, The Wild Woman of Russia, on Far Out Radio with Scott Teeters. Tim Swartz was back with us this evening. Tim’s our resident researcher of all things strange & unusual, bizarre & over-the-top  – terrestrial, & extraterrestrial, inner-dimensional, things from the past, present & future, and things that go BUMP in the night & GRRR under your bed… IS with us this evening!

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4/13/15 Dark Side of Chemtrails with Mark McCandlish

Dark Uses Of Chemtrails, New Insights and Angles into The CHEMTRAIL Issue. Aerospace artist Mark McCandlish talks about new insights into understanding chemtrails, on Far Out Radio.

This program, aerospace technical illustrator and artist, Mark McCandlish is back with us. You know, when you are a technical illustrator, you “draw how things work.” But first you have to have a curious mind. And what often happens with most of the technical illustrators I’ve known, they tend to be interested in LOTS of things.

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01/19/15 Mark McCandlish-Private Sector Space Flight-Tesla Motors

Complete Interview on YouTube:

First 14 minutes Only – on Tesla Motors
Enjoy This Graphic Rich YouTube Slideshow Video

Mark McCandlish updated us on the private sector space flight disasters from last October 2014 involving the explosion of the Orbital Sciences rocket that was supposed to resupply the International Space Station, the crash of Sir Richard Branson’s SpaceShip Two on Halloween Day, and we covered the failed landing of the Elon Musk's reusable SpaceX rocket on January 10, 2015.

We also talked briefly about Musk's amazing Tesla Motors Model S all-electric luxury car that delivers supercar-like acceleration and handling, on par with anything else on the road!

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11/10/14 Mark McCandlish – Recent Private Sector Space Flight Disasters

Now on YouTube. Mark McCandlish is back with us this program. Mark was our resident aerospace expert. The week before last was a terrible week for the private space flight industry. On October 28 at the NASA Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia, what was supposed to be a routine resupply mission to the International Space Station by the Orbital Sciences Corporation, turned into a total disaster within seconds of launching.

Then a few days later, on October 31, the VSS Enterprise, the first Virgin Galactic Space Ship Two reusable space ship, exploded over the Mojave Desert. The pilot survived, though seriously injured, but the copilot was killed. Initially, company officials said the cause of the explosion was “an in-flight anomaly.” That’s tech-speak for “We don’t know.”

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10/13/14 Mark McCandlish, Whistle Blower, on the Geoengineering Myths of Chemtrails

Now on YouTube. Mark McCandlish is back with us this evening. In previous visits, Mark has talked mostly about UFOs and flying machines. Mark is a brilliant and talented technical illustrator and artist. You can see some of his work on the samples pages of his website, His work is magnificent.

Mark is a researcher and whistle blower. One of his topics is the cover up of chemtrails and geoengineering. There’s a subtle characteristic of all of us technical illustrators, and it’s an insatiable curiosity for “how things work.” It’s a mindset that maps over into other arenas of life – we just want to know, “why is that – what’s that all about – how does that work.”

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