Colleen St. Michaels, Intuitive, Takes Your Calls

Listen Here to Archived Show.FB-Colleen-Angels-72 Colleen St. Michaels is our guest this program. She is a talented Intuitive, an Angel Card Reader, Certified Hypnotist, Reiki Practitioner, Intuition Development Teacher, Owner of Angel Wisdom and developer of a unique Angel Oracle Card Deck.

During this program, we talk with Colleen St. Michaels of Angel Wisdom about her life purpose as an intuitive, how she helps people develop their intuitive abiliities with her special classes and we take call ins from listeners who want guidance from their angels.

As a certified Reiki practitioner and intuitive, Colleen works as a channel to the angels and delivers messages from the divine to you. Clients find that the messages often help to heal, shed light and clarify many parts of their lives.

In her own words: “An angel card reading is a non-denominational opportunity to awaken your spirituality and receive guidance from your own personal angelic realm. Each day, we are given signs to guide our lives through the Universe, coincidences, repetitive numbers, and our own personal inner voice. Often we miss these signs because we are not sure what to look for or how to interpret these messages. During an Angel Card Reading, I am able to use positive Angel Reading Oracle Cards and my talent of intuition, claircognizance, and clairsentience to communicate the personal messages from your angelic and spiritual guides. Messages come through for you in the areas of love, abundance, life purpose, and much, much more.”

Hypnosis has empowered and transformed Colleen's own life in so many ways that she now shares her knowledge and training with her clients as a certified Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotherapy. During a hypnotherapy session, subconscious shifts occur that can positively affect beliefs, habits, perceptions and behaviors.

Colleen is presently developing her own deck of angel oracle cards that will be available soon.

Visit Colleen's Facebook Page, Here.

Visit Colleen's Website, Here.

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