Drowning in a “Sea” of Business? -Welcome To Don’t Hurry Island

by Scott Teeters

I was reading a STUNNING Jon Rappoport article from July 8, 2013 titled, “Matrix: Who is Edward Snowden?”

John brilliantly stitches together the elements of the funding CIA and NSP, Snowden’s ASTONISHING and highly unlikely career, with the implications of a mega spying agency that I have never considered.

It’s a JAW DROPPER. At least it was to me a, WOW!!!

To read the article, go HERE.

But at the bottom of the article was the YouTube video below. I thought it was part of the article, so I clicked the play link. Since I don’t drink rum, I didn’t get that it’s a commercial for rum. However, it got my attention right away because as a huge ocean wave is about to roll over you, the voice over says what I’ve been aware of for over 10 years. It says, “You’re drowning. You’re literally drowning in a figurative sea of business.” Then there’s a tropical island and a very relaxed man dressed in white welcomes you to the Island of “Don’t Hurry.”

Here’s the commercial…

It’s true, it’s true. Modern life too often feels like the hamster wheel, rat race. But as comic Lilly Tomlin said, “The trouble with being in the rat race is that even if you win, you're still a rat.”

Wait till you read the Rappoport story and see the rats in that race. WOW! That’s live’n!

Back to the commercial. I know what it's like to be a busy young parent and a busy self-employed person. I know retired people that are busier than they ever were when they worked. Once I heard former Wisconsin governor, Jesse Ventura say about his retirement, "Every day I get up and I got nothing to do. And by the end of the day, I only got half of everything done." Yup! We're real BUSY people.

The “Don’t Hurry” lifestyle is fun to imagine and maybe experience at a Caribbean resort for a week or two. But is that all we want to aspire to? Let’s hope not.


Scott Teeters is an alternative news enthusiast who searches the net for the most informative and far out articles and news to post here on FarOutRadio.com. He is an author, artist, radio host, blogger, website designer and developer. Check out his radio interviews and other blog posts right here on FarOutRadio.com. You may republish this article in full. Just make sure you list this paragraph and provide a link.


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