David Watts – 45 Points to Counter World Domination

David Watts Listen HR 1 HERE. HR 2 HERE. Geopolitical  journalist and author David Watts is with us again on Far Out Radio. We discuss major points in David's recent book, Journey to a Brave New World, Part Two: US Civilian Labor Camps, the Trojan Horse for the Communist Takeover of the United States, and a Plan to Stop It.

Our conversation continues on his 45 points to counter the communist agenda.

David’s books, “Journey To A Brave New World” and “Journey To A Brave New World, Part Two” together offer a broad overview – a primer if you will of what is happening with world domination powers.


David stitches together the bigger picture with in depth reports from the main stream media. These are not just “theories” that he has made up.

As a reference to David's 45 points, you can read the stated 45 goals of the communists, as per Cleon Skousen's book, "The Naked Communist," HERE.

David has discussed in past shows his first book, “Journey To A Brave New World,” a primer for understanding the social, geopolitical landscape of our times. And we have also gone into detail on his follow up book, “Journey To A Brave New World, Part Two.”

The first book is only 122-pages long, including the bibliography and the second book is only 92 pages long. Both books could be read in an afternoon.

What you the reader chooses to do with the information is up to you, but you will not be the same. For as Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions."

You can enjoy David’s previous visits on Far Out Radio HERE. 

Buy David Watts' Books on Amazon, HERE.

Be sure to visit Davis Watts’ website at…JourneytoaBraveNewWorld.com

If you are not familiar with Aldous Huxley’s classic, “Brave New World.” here’s an audio reading of the book…

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