Dawn of Singularity: Scientists to Rescue Humanity From Itself?

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Scott Teeters's insight:

Transhumanists see a time in the very near future when man and computer will merge. Will this be advantageous or monstrously hellish for man? Scientists ban together and give humans warning about potential consequences of fooling around with mother nature.

"With the goals of transhumanists and futurists so close to full realization, the world's leading scientists are beginning to voice their concern that general humanity might not comprehend the full weight of their discoveries. Scientists like Stephen Hawking have formed a group of "scientific superheroes" who supposedly aim to ensure that humanity does not choose the lethal side of the double-edged sword of technology. Let's see what they are planning to do to save humanity from itself at the dawn of The Singularity.

Our current position as we head toward The Singularity is being called The Hybrid Age by futurists, as discussed in the candid video below. It is an increasingly synthetic age of bio-computing, enhanced artificial intelligence and the merging of man and machine through augmented reality. Also stated below is the increasing indication that humanity is not the only biology susceptible to The Singularity; nature, too — the climate, for example — will be increasingly manageable and augmented."



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