Dissecting Media Deceptions with Dr Bernie Suarez of Truth And Art TV


January 2016: Scott Teeters, host of Far Out Radio interviews researcher and social activist, Dr. Bernie Suarez.  Dr. Bernie Suarez from TruthAndArtTV.com is back with us for another visit. Dr. Bernie’s TruthAndArtTV.com points his readers and viewers in the direction of reality by exposing the machine of deception, lies, and grotesque distractions – known as the mainstream media.

This is a huge topic and worth the time it takes to study and understand, because we are being subjected to manipulation from every angle. Of course, the easiest way to break the spell and start to detox from this kind of mind control is to stop watching the TV. It won't crash the system, but HEY, it's a beginning. And, you'll start to get your mind back! Dr. Bernie and I shared some of the more glaring examples of media distraction and deception, then talked about how we personally sort through the media's tactics.

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