Donald Trump, “I Won’t Back Down” Refreshing with No PC. VIDEO


A Video Editorial by Far Out Radio Host, Scott Teeters. A few months ago I was watching a video with Donald Trump and he was being called on “coming back at his accusers.” He said something to the effect that, “… If someone takes a shot at you, you can hit back.

I mean, why not?” It was a blue collar response to this absurd notion of parsing every word so as not to offend anyone. So we can have “politeness.” It's called “political correctness” and it's become sickening. That's what makes Trump so refreshing to average Americans. We know we've been stabbed in the back by BOTH parties and the media tells us that's the way it should be.

They're concerned about Trump's “tone.” The career politicians and media people would rather us “be polite” while we're being walked on. A few days later I happened to hear an old Johnny Cash song, “I Won't Back Down” and thought, “That's Trump!” The media and his opponents simply do not understand that Donald Trump WON'T BACK DOWN.

Donald Trump is the great wrecking ball of our time. He is smashing the media and showing Americans what a machine of conformity it is. And better yet, he is smashing the political system and showing all Americans what a politician and leader can be if they are NOT BOUGHT!

We will never have honest politicians and leaders as long as they have corporate gift-givers, for whom they are forever beholden to. – Scott Teeters.

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