Doug Hajicek – A Life of Making Far Out Documentary Films

FB_Doug-Hajicek-72Doug Hajicek, independent filmmaker and three-time Emmy nominee, has over 200 TV features to his credit. He’s taken his natural passion for the outdoors, cryptozoology, wild animals and combined it with his love of filmmaking and “things that go GRRR in the night. Doug has traveled all over the planet in search of the strange, the wild, and the dangerous. He joins us for two hours of conversation about his career. Listen HR 1 HERE.  HR 2 HERE.


We also talk shop about his micro camera systems, including the Deep Sea Cam, the Beaver Lodge Cam, the Infra-Red Bear Cam, the Cub Probe, the Benthic Explorer, and other systems that have enabled him to capture video in places where no human has ever been or seen, and has lived to tell the tale. And we also cover recent White Wolf Entertainment (his production company) projects, as well as what Doug and his team are currently working on.

Doug and his crew love to go places where humans are generally unwelcome. Doug talks with us as an adventurer, businessman, storyteller, technician, and inventor – this is  a fascinating conversation.

Be sure to visit Doug Hajicek’s company website,

This conversation will definitely have you saying, “Hmmm…”


Here's a clip from Doug's very popular "Monster Quest" a Cryptozoology History Channel program about the Komoto dragon, a for real, living, man-eating dinosaur that lives in Indonesia.

If this doesn't totally creep you out, check your pulse!

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