Dr. Liz Severino: Are Animals “Non-Human Persons”?

FB-Liz-Animal-Rights-72Listen HERE. Our healer, teacher, animal rights activist friend Dr. Liz Severino is our guest again this program. Along with raising people’s consciousness, healing, and teaching, animal issues are of paramount importance for Liz. Recently, a powerful graphic went viral on the Internet. The graphic (seen to the right) addresses a major decision recently made by the government of India. To read the story, CLICK HERE. This is DEFINITELY a step in the right direction because it opens up the larger question, “What about the rest of the animals, AT LEAST, dogs, cats, and birds?"

Anyone that has ever lived with multiple dogs, cats, or birds knows experientially that they ALL have distinct personalities. Some are outgoing and gregarious, others shy and reserved, some are defensive and angry, and others are loving and helpful.

And what is the first part of the word, “personality”? It’s, "PERSON."

So, why not consider animals to be “non-human persons”?

Dr. Liz and I discuss this and other recent animal issues in this program. You can enjoy Dr. Liz's previous visits where she talked about animal issues by tapping into the Far Out Radio Archives. In the "Topics of Shows" box on the right, click on the "Animal Communication & Wellness" link.


Here's the full graphic that's gotten so much attention…


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