Dr. Liz Severino – Energy Healing for Situations

Dr Liz SeverinoListen HR 1 HERE   HR 2. Our friend Dr. Elizabeth Severino makes a return visit this program for the full two hours. We talk about two unusual topics – “energy healing for situations” and “downsizing consciously.”

There are numerous healing modalities that are easy to learn and relatively inexpensive. Usually when people think of “healing modalities” it is within the context of the healing of a medical condition or relieving an ache or pain. But some healing modalities can heal “situations and places.”

Dr. Liz and I are Reiki (energy healing modality) Masters and have taught classes in all three levels of Traditional Usui Reiki. Reiki Level I covers the basics and can be very powerful. Reiki Level II imparts three of the four sacred Reiki symbols, what they mean, and how to use them. One of the most versatile of the Reiki symbols is the one used for long distance healing. But what is generally not known is that Long Distance Reiki can not only be used on people, and animals at a distance, but also on places and situations. This is a very unusual, dynamic, and flexible application that can produce surprising results.

In our second hour, Dr. Liz and I address Downsizing Consciously. Not a day goes by that somewhere in the news there’s a story about the soon to arrive tsunami of retiring baby boomers. The usual slant is that the situation is not sustainable.

Boomers that have paid into the system want what they say they were promised. Allegedly fiscally responsible conservatives want benefits cut or eliminated because they say it isn’t sustainable. It is an unexpected conundrum. We look at the mindset needed to go into this transition in a balanced manner and practical concerns as well.

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Dr. Liz and I will be talking about downsizing consciously. For some, “downsizing” means leaving the 20,000 square foot McMansion to small digs of around 5,000 square feet. For others it means moving into a one bedroom or efficiency adult community condo or apartment. There’s a new urban trend towards micro condos with as much as 300 square feet. And others face the prospect of moving into the spare room at their kids house.

Thanks to The Great Recession (depression) the golden years of retirement for many will not be what was anticipated, projected, and promised. So the question is how do we navigate this fluid situation with grace and elevated consciousness.

It is something that ALL of us will eventually need to deal with.

Be sure to visit Liz’s website at… http://ElizabethSeverino.com/





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