Dr. PMH Atwater. Near-Death Experience/Research & Attacks on Validity of NDEs


Dr. PMH Atwater talks about her latest Near-Death Experience research project, on Far Out Radio.

Dr. PMH Atwater is back with us this program. The last time she was with us was 9-26-14 and you can access that program below. Dr. Atwater is known around the world for her work in the field of Near-Death Experiences. She hasn’t simply made of study of the near death experience; she has been there THREE TIMES! 

For those of us who have never had a Near Death Experience, but are intrigued and open to its reality, Dr. Atwater’s 10 books offer a unique education. And for those who have had Near Death Experiences and are still working thorough the experience, Dr. Atwater’s guidance can be helpful beyond measure. 

Dr. Atwater has an eternally curious mind and is always working on her next thought provoking project and she’s with us tonight to update us on her latest enterprise as well as what’s new in the field of Near Death Experiences. 

Thanks for listening.

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