Dylan Charles, Social Activist, Founder and Editor of Waking Times


Dylan CharlesFarOutRadio Program. Listen HERE. Our guest this program is the talented social activist and WakingTimes.com founder, editor and writer, Dylan Charles.

This program we discuss Dylan Charles' life story of how he became enlightened to how the world really works. We discuss his own challenging personal path, the changes he has made, his social activism and his devotion to sharing the truth with his amazing Waking Times team of activist writers.

From his site:

"WakingTimes.com is an independent news blog for people interested in natural health, living with awareness and elevating their consciousness. We author and aggregate mind-opening articles, editorials and videos that inspire our readers and liberate them from the status quo.

We have over two dozen independent contributing writers from around the globe and several affiliate relationships with other top alternative news sites. Our original content motivates our readers to look at the world in new ways and approach life with renewed perspective. Our articles and posts focus on alternative and natural health, activism, elevating consciousness and living sustainably and with awareness."

We at FarOutRadio.com have been receiving the Waking Times Newsletter for a few years and read its eye opening articles almost everyday. Enjoy this amazing, far out interview with the social activist trail blazer, Dylan Charles.