Raw Milk Controversies & GMO Myths Debuked with Heather Callaghan

Heather CallaghanListen HERE.  Natural Health researcher and activist, Heather Callaghan is our guest here at Far Out Radio. This program we discuss the raw milk revolution and myths about GMOs.

Heather has written extensively about the recent controversial raw milk farmers and the government court cases. And we look at the GMO food myths that are everywhere and debunk them one by one.

Many believe the health benefits of raw milk are great. It tastes good and many say it is more nutritious, higher in vitamins, healthy enzymes and "good" bacteria than pasteurized milk. Studies have shown it can significantly reduce allergies.

Most raw milk also comes from small, grass-fed herds far less likely to suffer from infections and illness than factory cattle kept on concrete and fed grain by industrial-scale dairies. Sounds great but the government disagrees and so we talk with investigative reporter, Heather Callaghan to see what has been happening and why.

About Heather Callaghan:

Heather CallaghanHeather is an investigative writer & editor for online zines such as Activist Post.

She is an activist for freedom, natural health, raw milk, real education, spiritual philosophies & empowerment.

Heather also heads her own team of health and wellnes writers over at NaturalBlaze.com. 

Check out her other interviews with us. Type Heather Callaghan in our search box.


You can keep up with Heather Callaghan’s work at, http://www.naturalblaze.com .




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