Heather Callaghan – 12 Different Approaches to Mood Boosting


Heather CallaghanListen to HR 1 HERE.  HR 2.  Natural Health researcher and food activist, Heather Callaghan is our guest for the full two hours here at Far Out Radio. We discuss in depth her amazing research on “12 Different Approaches to Mood Boosting” and we cover other natural health topics Heather has exhaustively researched.

“Have a nice day!” Has become the mantra for our modern times. It seems that everyone wants everyone else to “have a nice day.” What an odd thing this is because there has never been a time when more westerners have been depressed and taking mood-altering drugs.

The number of people on pharmaceutical “brain drugs” is staggering. And this is DESPITE the dire warnings that go along with the drugs. “Warnings” that have become fodder for jokes.

Well, it’s a “BAD JOKE,” folks.

Yes, times are tough. But honestly, with almost six decades of living in my consciousness, I don’t ever remember a time when I heard people say, “Ya know… Things are going GREAT!” <— NEVER HAPPENS. And as a student of American social history, I’ve observed that it’s always been the same – even back in the “good old days.”

So, the question “how do we stay in a good mood?” is a perrenial question.

Heather and I talk about the ideas from her excellent article where she outlines 12 different approaches to mood boosting. While there are obviously many more than “12 ways” to move your state of mind into a more pleasant place, “Heather’s Dozen” is a great place to start.

While many of us may be familiar with many of Heather's natural approaches, the great Earl Nightingale used to say many times, “Often, we need reminding as much as we need learning.”

It’s our highest hope and intention that you will hear something in our conversation with will make a difference and help you to, “Have a nice day!”


You can keep up with Heather Callaghan’s work at, http://www.naturalblaze.com .


To read Heather callaghan's complete blog post, “12 Different Approaches to Mood Boosting,” CLICK HERE.


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