Elvis Presley’s Heartbreak Hotel Story with Xaviant Haze

Heartbreak HotelFarOutRadio Program. Listen HERE.  Our guest, independent historian, Xaviant Haze, takes a look back at the amazing life of the King of Rock N Roll, Elvis Presley. A few months ago Xaviant was on talking about his article on the strange story of the "alleged" death of Elvis Presley and some startling facts that just DO NOT add up. You can listen to that program, Here. This program we discuss the unique back story behind Elvis'a first big hit, Heartbreak Hotel. This song was not the typical kind of song anybody was recording in the late fifties and the record label wanted no parts of it. Find out who wrote it and why and how Elvis knew he had to record this unique song!

You may read Xaviant's complete article, How a suicide in Miami gave birth to "Heartbreak Hotel" and the rise of Rock n' Roll, Here.

Xaviant Haze was on Far Out Radio March 6, 2013 to talk about his book, "The Supressed History of America" and you can enjoy that program HERE.

Then, Xaviant was back on March 28, 2013 for Part 2 of our conversation about his book, "The Supressed History of America" and we talked at length about the documented accounts of the GIANTS that used to live here! You can catch that show, HERE.

Xaviant's Blog HERE.

Xaviant on Facebook HERE.

Buy Xaviant's recent books, The Suppressed History of America and Ancient Aliens in Egypt HERE.

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