Esoteric Imagery in Cinema Pt 3 w Robert Sullivan


Robert W. Sullivan IV talks about his new book, “Cinema Symbolism” with Scott Teeters, on Far Out Radio. Author, lawyer, historian, theologian, philosopher and 32nd Degree Mason, Robert W. Sullivan IV joined us for a sparkling conversation about his new book, Cinema Symbolism: A Guide To Esoteric Imagery In Popular Movies. 

Rob was with us last on April 17, 2015. His book, Cinema Symbolism has so much fun information about popular movie that we had to have him back again. This is Part 3 of our conversation.

In this portion of Robert W. Sullivan’s conversation we examined the symbology and story lines of the movies; The Exorcist, The Shining, the Dracula series, and the James Bond series. 

Cinema Symbology connects occult, numerological, astrological, mythological, alchemical, Tarot, and kabbalistic symbolism contained within popular movies. 

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Cinema Symbolism Pt 3

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