Ethan Indigo Smith – Staying Ahead of the New World Order (Video)


As complex as The New World Order is, there is a powerful tool that can be used to transmute the dark forces. It's called, The Human Spirit.


Dateline: 8.27.15- By using the powerful force of the Human Spirit which we experience as "Love" combined with the technology gift of the Internet, we can shut down The New World Order. Ethan Indigo Smith is back with us. It’s been a couple of years since we’ve had Ethan on and he’s been a busy guy.

We cover a range of topics, including – spiritual awakening, the trend towards the legalization of marijuana, the power of meditation, Fukashima, the business of war, the control of the planet by oligarchs, the Tibetan Rites or Rejuvenation, and more. The power of stillness should never be underestimated. "Meditation" in all of its wonderful styles, teaches us through experience to STAY IN THE MOMENT. It is where EVERYTHING happens. Always has, always will.


WakeUpWorld.comOpEdNews.comBeforeItsNews.comWanderLust.comWakingTimes, com, are just a few of the online publications Ethan contributes to and I’m sure I’ve missed a few more. And he has a series of Yoga, Tai Chi, and meditation programs on


Ethan has 15 books to his credit that are very reasonably priced on Amazon. Several of his Kindle Books are only 99-cents! Just go to and enter "Ethan Indigo Smith" into the search tool. 

Ethan Indigo Smith's voice is one of the many gathering voices showing the way to up-end and ultimately defeat The New World Order. – Scott


PS – Ethan Indego Smith's books are available HERE.

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