Excerpt from Ethan Indigo Smith’s The Complete Patriot’s Guide

Excerpt from The Complete Patriot's Guide to Oligarchical Collectivism: Its Theory and Practice  by Ethan Indigo Smith.
This is from the first chapter, A Brief People's History

iroquoisThe native ideas of the Iroquois and others were a direct inspiration to the original patriots. The welcoming and generous Native Americans offered resources and information on how to live in the new continent and also ideas on how to live together democratically.


Their cooperative autonomy was an inspiration to the newcomers. The ideas of localized government and consent of the people within a greater federation were Iroquois ideas. The notion that a confederation of equal small states provided power and protection for one another was exemplified by Iroquois practices.

The ideas of Greek democracy and Roman Republics inspired the foundation of democracy and liberty in the U.S.A. Yet democracies and republics do not equate to liberty. In ancient Greece there were perhaps more slaves then citizens and in the early U.S.A. there were plenty of slaves and only white, male land owners had a say. The Iroquois were a neighboring, well established, peaceful, yet powerful democracy. They faced opposition not only because there were corrupt influences that sought to take their resources, but also because of institutionalized biases based on appearance.

Throughout recorded time, people have been divided based on their appearance, birthplace and apparent alignment. People have been harmed, exploited, enslaved and murdered because of numerous conceived and nuanced differences. The differences in appearances have been magnified to mean all sorts of absurdities. People have been subjected to judgment and harm, all because of how they looked or where they lived. The only way to fairly understand people is according to their individual mentality relative to specific situations and conditions.

It is not how people look that defines them. It is not what people think that defines them either, but how people think. There are four distinct types of people in the world. Idiots only question irrelevance, zealots only question in accordance with their preconceptions, elitists only question to advance their own situation, and patriopatriots guidets openly question all information. To understand people based on anything other than their mentality is at best marketing or polling and normally just a Neanderthal or cavemen notion of division.


About Ethan Indigo Smith:

Ethan is the author of several books, including The Matrix of Four, The Philosophy of The Duality of Polarity and The Terraist Letters.

Ethan is the son of a farmer and nurse who was later adopted by artists. Ethan writes towards a peaceful world with a sharp and unique perspective, always following George Orwell's six rules for writing, mainly #6, "Break any of these rules sooner than say anything outright barbarous."
Ethan proudly dropped out of high school, though he later admittedly graduated. He later dropped out of college and the proverbial rat race, moving to the mountains to pursue snowboarding. This led him to pursue tai chi chuan, yoga and meditation. Being a dropout Ethan has been able to honestly observe and present his observations and his many articles have appeared on leading news websites with global audiences as well as several magazines.
Ethan's neophyte work is The Complete Patriot's Guide to Oligarchical Collectivism, published by Progressive Press. In it he explores history, philosophy and activism through an Orwellian lens.

Visit his page on Amazon for all his books and a more complete bio, HERE. Like him on Facebook HERE.

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