Exploring Shamanism with Dr. Liz Severino

Dr Liz SeverinoListen to this ENCORE – Archived Program, HERE.  Our Guest, Dr. Liz Severino, is an energy healer, and shamanic journey leader. Shamanism and shamans are arguably the oldest form of organized spirituality. The Aboriginal shamans of Australia claim to be the first people of the planet. Shamans are the keepers of the old ways, the old stories, and the old ways of communicating with spirit.Thanks to the Global Healing movement, Shamanism has become quite popular. Some have chosen to become modern shamans, but most spiritual seekers opt for shamanic journeying, which is a guided journey between the physical and spiritual worlds.

There are almost as many techniques for shamanic journeying as there are types of shamans. The value of this kind of spiritual work comes from the grounding presence of the experienced shaman. The non-physical spiritual realms can be a wondrous or frightening terrain, so venturing into these places with an experienced, trained “tour guide” is a very prudent thing to do.

Dr. Liz Severino has studied shamanism and the techniques of shamanic journeying, and leads her own shamanic journeying groups. Dr. Liz joins us  for a fascinating conversation about this most unusual spiritual practice. – Scott

Be sure to visit Liz’s website at… http://ElizabethSeverino.com/

To learn more about Shamanism, go here.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shamanism

Here is a link to a recent program we offered on Shamanism:  Robert Tindall on The Shamanic Odyssey.

The Shaman images below are courtesy of the WikiPedia Link listed above.


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