FAKED JFK Autopsy X-Rays – Robert Morningstar & Dr. David Mantik 8-3-15

Dateline: 8.3.15 – Our resident conspiracy scientist, Robert Morningstar is back for another visit this evening. Robert and I have done many programs about the assassination of John F. Kennedy. We keep talking about JFK’s assassination because nothing of the official explanation adds up.

Joining us for this program is Robert Morningstar’s research friend, Dr. David Mantik, MD, Ph.D. Dr. Mantik is an oncologist, a cancer doctor, trained in the art of reading x-rays. Upon closer examination he discovered that the x-ray of President Kennedy’s skull had been altered in a darkroom!

This is called “TAMPERING WITH EVIDENCE.” It is a CRIME and another dark aspect of what has to be, “the crime of the century.” – Scott







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