Frank Joseph, Our Dolphin Ancestors, Keepers of Lost Knowledge & Healing Wisdom


Frank Joseph's new book, “Our Dolphin Ancestors: Keepers of Lost Knowledge and Healing Wisdom.”

Dateline: 3.7.16: Frank Joseph is back with us this evening. This is Franks 13th visit and we've talked about all kinds of fascinating, far out topics, including ancient history, the Coming Ice Age, World Wars I & II, Atlantis, the time BEFORE Atlantis, the Lost Colonies of Ancient America, and more.This time, we're going someplace that's entirely different.

Dolphins are arguably the most amazing animals on the planet and some of the smartest – perhaps THE smartest! There are countless “dolphin miracles” stories that are absolutely mind blowing. Many feel that dolphins and humans are related spiritually. People stranded in the ocean have

reported being helped and comforted by dolphins. Dolphins are one of the few sea creatures that are able to ward off sharks. And people have had life changing experiences by swimming with dolphins.

They have big brains too. A human brain is about 80% of the size of a dolphin's brain and very similar in structure. That's a lot of gray matter, synapses, and dendrites! Them must have an unbelievably rich inner life!

This is a topic that we have not yet explored on Far Out Radio. Scott


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