Free to Speak in the Blogosphere

blogosphere2by W. Gelles as republished from Left Hook by Dean Henderson

The blogosphere, the blog-o-sphere,
why am I here in the blogosphere?
To get real news and alternate views
which the Mainstream Media (MSM) refuse
to print or broadcast or mention or air…
that's why I'm here in the blogosphere.

The "blogosphere" is a term of contempt
propagated by the MSM.
They don't want your brain to be independent,
they want you to think and act like them.

If you realize Obama's a forger, impostor,
a warmonger and corporate racketeer,
then you, my friend, are a stupid "birther"—
Get thee to the blogosphere!

If you realize that 9/11's a hoax,
an inside job, as it's perfectly clear
that controlled demolition brought down three buildings
and no "evil Muslim terrorists" were near,
then you, poor sap, are just a "truther"—
Get thee to the blogosphere!

If you realize the war on terror's a scam
to keep you living in constant fear
while the U.S. plunders and rapes the world
and spies on all your e-mails… Oh dear!
You are a threat to their New World Order—
Get thee to the blogosphere!

If you realize The U.S. Government
killed John Kennedy (and his New Frontier)
and murdered his brother in a hotel
and Martin Luther King—Look here,
you're just a crazy "conspiracy theorist"—
Get thee to the blogosphere!

I like it here in the blogosphere
where the air is cleaner and speech is free.
I'd rather read Rense or BlackListedNews
than the New York Times which lies to me.
I'm much better off here seeking the truth
on GlobalResearch or InfoWars
instead of stuffing my brain with garbage
watching your Mainstream Media whores.


Note: The term blogosphere is used here loosely to refer to online blogs as well as the independent news websites to which they often have links. The word was coined in 1999 by Brad Graham, a theater publicist who intended it as a term of ridicule, according to Wikipedia. Although some people use the word blogosphere in a positive sense, nowadays it is mostly used by media pundits as a term of condescension referring to alternative internet news sources. The Establishment has invented its own Orwellian doublespeak to suppress and deny the truth: birther, truther, conspiracy theorist, and so forth.

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