Giants In America, NOT LONG AGO, Jason Jarrell


Centuries ago, Native American indians had a serious problem – GIANTS!

Dateline: 9.11.15: Jason Jarrell and his wife are from Charleston, West Virginia and have been researching the ancient earth mounds in their area, looking evidence of a race of giants that lived along the east coast and south central part of the United States. Oral stories from the Native Americans tell us that the race of Giants that lived here was so onerous that the Indians decided that they had to go. Others say that, yes, the Native American killed off the Giants, but it was because of Native American agression.

Legitimate reports of the remains of giants go back to the early 1800's, and were reported in archaeological digs as recently as the 1960's. Typically, any "good stuff" is sent to The Smithsonian Institute, never the be seen again or even acknowledged.

It is Jason's position that The Smithsonian is really another government agency of control – the control of the knowledge of our true past.

Meanwhile, archaeologists in the middle east and Europe are openly experiencing a Golden Age of new discoveries (such as Gobekli Tepe), while here in America, the official story is that before Europeans came here, not much was going on, except for various primitive Native Americans. So, what's the real story and will we ever get to the bottom of this lost piece of history? Probably not, but it makes for awesdome conversation. – Scott


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