Goal Setting Has a Spiritual Foundation

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Many Levels of Goal Setting and a Spiritual Foundation

By Scott Teeters

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As I sit here writing this, it is very near the end of another year. New Year’s Eve Day. What a stunning year it’s been. “Same old, same old” certainly does not apply to this last year..

Well, I must confess, the only insight I have as to what  the following year will bring is this… things will continue to AMAZE us as the new year progresses. And for those of us who are truly “awake,” our days will be filled with constant, total amazement.

There is an underlying theme I have been noticing in many of the books, CDs, and live presentations I’ve been experiencing lately. Messengers from all over the metaphysical chart have been telling us, each in their own unique way, that we have the ability to mold and shape our lives any way we want to. This message has many titles, such as – “The Laws of Attraction,” “Manifesting What You Want,” “Creative Visualization,” “The Dream of Heaven,” “Ascending,” “Goal Setting,” and many more.

Years ago, I either read or heard someone say that as we move along in our spiritual awakening, the teachings become more and more subtle. When I first heard this I remember thinking, “What in the world does that mean?” One of the definitions of the word “subtle” in the Merriam-Webster Online dictionary is this “having or marked by keen insight and ability to penetrate deeply and thoroughly.”

I noticed a subtle but powerful pattern in all of the messages in the books mentioned above, here it is. THERE’S NO TIME OFF in this business of creating what you want! NONE, ZERO, ZIP! From an energetic perspective, we are always pulsing out energy. We are never not pulsing out our energy, even while we are sleeping. (Sleep isn’t just a function of resting and repairing the body. Sleep, according to “Conversations With God” by Neale Donald Walsch, is an agreement between our Soul and our body. The Soul often has a difficult time dealing with the restrictions of the body. Sleep is the Soul’s opportunity to go off and play and experience without the limitations of the body.) In other words, there is never a time when we are not alive.

The Many Levels of Goal Setting

In years past, business consultants were teaching clients the value of making “to-do lists.” Lists are great, you’ll be making LOTS of lists as you work your goal setting process. But a list without priorities based on what is valuable to you, can keep you very busy doing things of little importance. In the ‘30s, ‘40s, and ‘50s, to-do lists helped America get a lot done. Remember, any method is better than no method.

When I first stumbled on goal setting in ‘72, it had been taken to the next level by setting goals on everything you want to “be, have, and do.” Then in the mid ‘80s the formula moved up a notch to understanding that we all need to be well-rounded people. So, people were taught to set goals in many areas of their lives, not just their career. We’d been hearing a awful lot about men and a few women who were “workaholics.” It was almost talked about like a disease. But what that did was bring our awareness to the fact that to be a whole person, we need to have goals in many separate areas of our life.

In a course I experienced from the Dennis Waitley Organization there was an interesting self-test that looked like the one below. The spokes of the wheel were separate “aspects” of a complete “you.” We were to think about each aspect and ask ourselves, “On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being the least and 10 being the best) how am I doing in this area?” After you are done asking the question within each aspect, you connect the dots. No one ends up with a perfectly round graphic, There’s no right or wrong, it just shows you where you might be out of balance.

goal setting-scott
Using the graphic as a tool, you then think about each aspect and ask yourself (actually write this down at the top of your note pad), “Is this important to me, and if so, what can I start to do about it?” As ideas and thoughts bubble up into your awareness… WRITE THEM DOWN… and keep writing down chunks of information from your mind. “This” is using the Mind as an “exquisite master.” As you work through the various aspects, the ideas you are draining out of your thinker and on to the paper, become the new basis of your daily to-do lists.

You can change the topics in the circle. If you do, just make sure they cover a wide variety of areas of living. One of our objectives should be to become a well-rounded person. What good would be career and financial success be if we ignore family and health areas?

If you have sincerely done this, you will feel a surge of enthusiasm that will light you up! Because you are now doing things that REALLY MATTER to you, your day will feel important because you clearly know what you are doing. You are no longer sleepwalking through the day. You have a mission and a purpose. And because you have set your goals in many areas, you’re not becoming myopic… one area of your life doesn’t suffer at the expense of another. People who do this, report that often times for the first time in their life, they feel on track… no longer spinning their wheels.

My latest understanding on Goal Setting now has a spiritual foundation, based on my recent understandings from the “Conversations With God” Series, by Neale Donald Walsch. I consider this, the next level in goal setting and one that works in conjunction with all of the other previous tools. CWG reminds us that the greatest desire of our Soul, is to turn “concept” into “experience.” Our Souls seek to have “beingness” experiences. All of the things we “do”, we do so that we can “be” a certain thing. This is subtle, but very deep, and it may take some time for it to truly sink in…

So, here’s how you apply this to goal setting. With your pen and paper, write at the top of the page, “What beingness experiences would I most like to experience?” It’s important that you write the question at the top of the paper. The reason why is because as you start to work with this question, or any goal setting, or problem solving question… after you are with the question for a time, your mind will begin to wander away from the subject. You may hear a noise that distracts you into thinking about other things. When you begin to notice this, read the question again to bring your focused thoughts back to why your are sitting there in the first place. The “written question” becomes a focusing device, so stay with it. As responses bubble up into your mind, write them down… get the flow going.

Here is the list that popped out of my head when I asked the question: “What is it that I would most like to Be?”

* Creative * Compassionate * Happy *
* Alert * Understanding * Patient * Prosperous *
* Loving * Truthful * Inspirational * Humorous *

Since these are all “Being” qualities, it brings me more in line with my own – ongoing spiritual awakening experience. When I was working out my 2001 Goals between Christmas and New Years, I based my categoric goals on my “being” goals and came up with the motivation to complete my book, “it’s Time To Wake Up.” I’d been incubating it for years. Because I had defined my “Being Goals,” my 2001 Goals had a different slant to them… more in alignment with who I am choosing to evolve into.

The beautiful part is that there’s something unique for everyone to achieve… everyone. You can back into it unconsciously or set your sites and go for it, enjoying every step along the way. And just like that sea captain, even though you won’t be able to “see” your goal until you get there, just keep doing certain things every day, never stopping or quitting… then one day, there will be your port of call. You’ll rest, savor the trip, and begin with a new destination, a new goal.

The Really Far Out Part

Here’s what I believe is the coolest part of all this. If you maintain your spiritual perspective, you will live a very full and meaningful life. And the biggest surprise of all? It NEVER ends… Life is Eternal. So keep setting goals, take action today, not tomorrow, and you will become one of the Awakened ones.

Shine on!

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Scott Teeters is an avid fan of personal and spiritual growth material. He is an author, radio host, blogger, website designer and developer. Check out his radio interviews and other blog posts right here on FarOutRadio.com. You may republish this article in full. Just make sure you list this paragraph and provide a link.


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