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Hannah Crum Listen  HERE to archived show.  Hannah Crum, “The Kombucha Mamma” makes a return visit with us this program.

Hannah is our guest and we talk about strategies for putting more organic food on your family’s dinner plate without damaging the family food budget.

“But organic food is SO expensive!” We’ve all heard that and probably have said it from time to time. And that’s because sometimes, depending on where you shop, organic vegetables and fruits ARE expensive. I’ve passed on some organics because I’m not going to spend $6 for two peppers!

The virtues of organic fruits and vegetables are numerous and well documented, but making them part of your regular shopping routine can be challenging. Hannah Crum, “The Kombucha Mamma” well known for her work in promoting Kombucha and other nutritious fermented foods, also has a passion for local organic and non-GMO food.

There’s a lot that can be done and much has to do with creating just a few new buying and preparation habits. We'll be talking about comparison shopping, how to find local organic farmers, organic co-ops, and CSAs, as well as basic canning and food preserves, growing your own, and preparing foods ahead of time that are then easy to prepare for meals. Modern processed foods were a post WW II invention that quickly became the new American way.

Yes, prepared, packaged, pop out of the box and into the oven saves a little time, but we're paying for those conveniences in many ways. And how much time do we really "save" with prepackaged processed foods, 10 or 15 minutes, maybe? All the other usual things still have to be done – setting the table, putting the dinner out, cleanup, and doing the dishes. With a few basic spices, its very easy to prepare delicious meals!


We can also turn this into a "nostalgia thing" by reviving some of Grand Ma's old ways.


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Here's Hannah Crum on the topic of How To Flavor Your Kombucha."


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