Hannah Crum – The Wonders of Fermented Foods

FB-Crum-Fermented-72Hannah Crum, “The Kombucha Momma” makes a return visit with us this program. Hannah was with us last January ‘13 to talk about the delicious probiotic drink, Kombucha, and in May ’13 Hannah talked about the issue of GMOs. In this program, Hannah and I will talk about fermented foods. The most well known fermented foods are pickles, sauerkraut, and cheese. But a deeper look into fermented foods shows a large variety of foods and drinks that can be easily fermented. Listen HR 1 HERE.  HR 2 HERE.

Of course, the fermenting of food goes back thousands of years and was a safe, proven way of preserving vegetables, fruits, meats and fish. With the introduction of modern refrigeration in the 20th century, fermenting foods, for the most part, has fallen by the way side. After all, it’s a lot easier to buy a jar of supermarket pickles or sauerkraut than it is to make REAL pickles or sauerkraut. Which raises this question:

Are modern fermented foods as tasty as their old world counterparts? Some would say, yes. But are they as good for you? Do pickles from a jar have any of the beneficial probiotics?

Hannah Crum will explain why genuine fermented foods are so healthy and good for you. She’ll also explain how easy it is to make your own fermented foods. Imagine that, foods you can easily make yourself that are not only rich tasting, but very healthy for you.

According to one of our former guests, Dr. Edward Group, there’s an epidemic of Leaky Gut Syndrome that is running rampant in our modern society. According to Dr. Group, there are strong indications that the root cause of this silent epidemic is the proliferation of our genetically modified foods that are now, nearly impossible to avoid.

The simple action of eliminating or avoiding as much GMO food as possible, plus the introduction of more fermented foods with their natural, beneficial probiotic nature, can assist in eliminating Leaky Gut Syndrome and improve our overall health and sense of well being.

Robust health and vitality is not as difficult to achieve, as we have been lead to believe. And in many cases, the old ways are the best ways. Now go have a “REAL” pickle!

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“How To Easily and Inexpensively Ferment Your Own Vegetables”


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