Herbalist Jeannie Francis on Natural Remedies & Body Care

Jeannie FrancisListen HERE.  Jeannie Francis is a Talented Holistic Practitioner who is a popular regular guest here on FarOutRadio.com.The season is changing and it's time to go natural and safe with herbal based remedies for you family. Do you know what's in all those over the counter products?

Our master herbalist expert, Jeannie Francis knows what ingredients are in the manufactured products and the tongue tying substances are often toxic and even carcinogenic.

What did your grandmother do to produce safe remedies and care products for her family?

The answer was in her garden and the answer for you and your family is in Jeannie's magic herbal garden! This will be another educational program with our friend Jeannie! Visit Jeannie's website, SpiritToSoleCnnection.com for all her classes and natural products.

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