Geopolitical Activist & Radio Host James Haarp

James HaarpFar Out Radio Program. It is another high strangeness program here at FarOutRadio. Listen HERE Ready for some conspiracy, paranormal, geopolitical challenges to boggle your mind and set you free? It's time to take the red pill to see the world as it really is and to decide what part you need to play. Our own geopolitical analyst and FarOutRadio host Scott Teeters, talks it out with activist and Cosmic Horizons Radio host James Haarp. Hold on to your seats, this may be a heck of a crash landing with eyes wide open!!

About James Haarp: James Haarp, geopolitical analyst and activist hosts his own radio program, Cosmic Horizons Radio on blog talk radio. James Haarp delivers in depth coverage with the real deal experts on conspiracies, coverups, secret societies, and suppressed information. 

You may check out all his programs on BlogTalkRadio at Cosmic Horizons Radio to listen to all his interviews on demand, free.

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